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Media comes in several forms: images, audio, and videos. Media is used for illustrating a subject in order for readers to understand the main focus of the context through the use of illustrative messages.
This policy outlines proper guidelines for organization and to avoid redundancy when unnecessary. A conduct is placed to ensure that content is appropriate for wiki use.


All files added into the wiki must adhere to the site policies and Fandom's Terms of Use.
  • Under no circumstances will files, whether in speech or graphic, be inappropriate or including inappropriate content, including but not limited to: vulgarity, mature-rated content, inclusion of weapons, inclusion of illegal substances, and more. The wiki will not tolerate any inappropriate content, including on a personal user page.
  • Files from an external source may not be copied and uploaded to the wiki for legal reasons, including but not limited to: unofficial websites, wikis, Toontown Wiki, etc.
    • If the need to copy from an external source is necessary, users must attribute to the original author(s) and provide a link to the source. However, the need to copy from an external source should very rarely be necessary, at most never.
  • All files must be licensed, whether for fair use under United States copyright law, personal creation, etc.
    • This includes official documents, in-game images, fan-made, etc.
  • All files should be sourced properly, whether coming from Toontown Rewritten's official website and social media platforms, in-game, or from an external source.
  • All images used on the mainspace pages must not contain any watermarks.
  • All images used on the mainspace pages must not be distorted in any way, except through cropping, brightness adjustment, approved for educational purposes, or administrator exemptions.
  • All images and audio used on the mainspace pages must be in its original version found in the game or from official sources. Absolutely no resource packs.
  • Files from any other fan server of Toontown is not allowed. The wiki will only host content that comes directly from Toontown Rewritten.
All files that do not adhere to the conduct, site policies, or the Terms of Use will be deleted.
The Toontown Rewritten Wiki is not a media-storing website. All files must be in use and pertaining to the subject and must not be redundant. All unused files will be marked for deletion. No exceptions.
To avoid deletion, a user must use it on a mainspace page, their user page, a sandbox, or the official Toontown Rewritten Wiki file-saving page. Any images caught in the "UnusedFiles" special page are bound to be deleted.


All images should be clear, original, appropriate, and presenting the subject as much as possible.
  • All images used on a page must pertain to the subject. Absolutely no outside images, unless otherwise stated.
  • All images must have the subject be the main focus. No background focus and clutter, unless otherwise stated.
    • Background focus can be considered to be: unimportant characters or objects in the background, minor relevancy, blurry, etc.
    • Clutter is considered to be: surrounding user interfaces, icons (such as laff meter), characters (such as Cogs and Toons), etc.
    • At best, users should be using images that clearly present the subject. For example, an image of a golf cart or golfing Toons as the absolute main focus to display the golfing feature rather than using an image that just shows them in the background.
  • Images may not be redundant. All images must be in an original context of its own. If an image is already portraying a specific context, another image of the same context is not necessary.
    • For example: if an image illustrating a Cog exploding is already added, another image of a different Cog exploding should not be added.
  • Images used on a page must be for educational purposes only.
  • All images must be coming from an official source, such as from the official website or from the game itself.
  • Absolutely no fan-made images on pages. This includes alterations, speculation, artwork, and graphic designs (such as adding text). This is not to be confused with artwork and graphic designs created by the Toontown Rewritten Team.
  • PNG or JPG are the primary file types used on the wiki, though PNG is highly recommended for smaller images and JPG for larger images. GIF files should be used sparingly, at most never.


A gallery is a containment of files used to display additional images, audio, or videos relevant to the subject that otherwise cannot fit on the main body of the page. Galleries are, at usual, placed at the bottom part of the page unless it starts to clutter, which is where a separate gallery page comes into play. Galleries can include: images, audio files, and videos.
Gallery images must also adhere to the image policy.


Galleries should be formatted accordingly, for organization and consistency between all galleries. The order of the sections are according to relevancy. Indented bullet points means that section is a subsection from the preceding bullet point. If a section does not contain any relevant files, do not include it on the page.
  • Concept art - artwork, etc.
    • Renders - computer graphics, models, etc.
  • Blog - official blog post images from the Toontown Rewritten website
  • In-game - appropriate screenshots taken from Toontown Rewritten
  • Audio - sound files
  • Videos - appropriate videos uploaded into the wiki
  • Miscellaneous - files that do not have its own section go here
==Concept art==





All gallery pages need to be added to the "Galleries" category. Do not add any other categories on a gallery page, relevant or irrelevant. A regular mainspace page linked to a gallery page must also include the {{gallery}} template at the bottom. For example, a mainspace page titled "Sellbot Field Office" currently contains the template in the following format:
{{Gallery|Sellbot Field Office/Gallery}}


The conduct is fully in place for all audio and video files.


  • Audio may not be distorted in any way. The audio must be in its original form.
  • Audio on the wiki should be used for educational purposes only.


  • Videos must pertain to the subject.
  • Videos must be used for educational purposes only.
  • It is highly recommended that the video does not contain any commentary, unless otherwise used for educational purposes.
  • Videos should be used sparingly, at most never.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.