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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Toontown Rewritten Wiki all about?

The Toontown Rewritten Wiki is an encyclopedia that was created since September 21, 2013. With 2,421 pages in mind, the wiki continues to expand with more Toontastic information than ever before, allowing users to learn about all things Toontown!
Sign up for a Fandom account to begin editing. The question is: Are YOU Toon Enough?

Does the Toontown Rewritten Team own this wiki?

While some people may believe that the Toontown Rewritten Team created the wiki, that actually is not the case. Quite a few staff members, however, have visited the wiki and even volunteered to update some of our important pages when needed. They may stop by from time to time doing so.

Who are the brains behind the Toontown Rewritten Wiki?

The Toontown Rewritten Wiki was made possible because of TheGhostWalker, but also because of Toontown's wonderful community members. Many community members contribute to this wiki for one reason, and that is to gather a huge chunk of information dedicated to the game we all know and love.
The Toontown Rewritten Wiki is maintained by a short band of users who have devotedly proven to be "Toon Enough" for the job of keeping the wiki in tip-top shape. If a user sports a colorful name, chances are they part of said short band. They could be either an administrator, moderator, or rollback.

Does the Toontown Rewritten Wiki have a policy?

Of course. Toontown needs to stay clean for players of all ages, after all. Before contributing to the Toontown Rewritten Wiki, please review our site policies. Should a user fail to comply with either of the policies, the user will be subjected to any form of punishment that is deemed necessary against their Fandom account, depending on the severity of the situation. Every user should make a good representation of the Toontown community by showing what it means it to be "Toon Enough".

Does the Toontown Rewritten Wiki have a "Manual of Style"?

Correct. Our Manual of Style covers all the details on how each and every page found on the wiki should be presented to the average viewer. Should a user fail to comply with the Manual of Style, the user will be subjected to any form of punishment that is deemed necessary against their Fandom account, depending on the severity of the situation.
NOTE: The big thing that a lot of users may forget is that we want to emphasize the importance of Toons and Cogs, since they are the protagonists and antagonists, by capitalizing the two terms.

How can users contribute to the wiki?

Boy, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. If we had to list every possible task, this very section would be quite a long read. However, here are a few helpful tidbits:
  • Expand on a page that is marked as a "stub"
  • Add citations or references to a page containing unverified information
  • Refrain from using first-person or second-person narrative when editing
The above bullet points are just a few examples but do not think that is all it takes. There is still plenty of work to do, so check out our state-of-the-art "Community" page to see where to start. Within that page holds a thorough todo list written by our administrators, among other various tasks autogenerated by Fandom.

The Toontown Wiki already has a ton of information on Toontown. Why not transfer their content to this wiki?

One of our main reasons for discouraging the transfer of Toontown Wiki's content is pretty straightforward: This wiki was made for Toontown Rewritten, not Toontown Online.
While the Toontown Wiki may have a lot of information already put together, we strive to do things very differently. Toontown Rewritten is a remake of a game that was closed by Disney in September 19, 2013, which calls for a good chance of new features, new expansions, new events, and tweaks or changes to existing gameplay that otherwise would not have not existed in Toontown Online. Unlike the Toontown Wiki, the Toontown Rewritten Wiki provides information about those aspects of new content.
Our utmost reason, however, is that plagiarism is something we will never condone and counts as a serious violation of our policy. Uploading any form of media from the Toontown Wiki is also prohibited and does not belong on a wiki focusing solely on Toontown Rewritten. By contributing to the Toontown Rewritten Wiki, please consider taking the time and effort to help provide original content instead of relying on a different wiki.

Can inquiries regarding the game be made on the wiki?

Absolutely. But before asking questions, try using the wiki's search bar to find the answer off a certain mainspace page that covers the particular subject in question. If not, create a blog post or write a post on the Forum, and someone may come by with an answer.
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