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Administrators are highly trusted users of the Toontown Rewritten Wiki with the most permissions granted possible. Additional information about the administrators will be displayed on this page. Should a user find desire to contact an administrator, it is recommended to contact an active administrator through their respective message wall.

What is an administrator?

An administrator, identified with a purple name (or a blue name if they also have bureaucrat rights), is a user who has access to many additional functions. Administrators can:

  • Delete and undelete pages and page histories, as well as uploaded files.
  • Lock a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by certain users.
  • Block anonymous and registered users from editing.
  • Revert vandalism in one-click with the rollback feature.
  • Kick or ban users from the chat room.
  • Edit the user interface.
  • Edit pages that use CSS or JavaScript.
  • Enable or disable certain features of the wiki.
  • View the administrator dashboard to find various tools.

A full list of administrator rights are listed here.


You can view additional information in relation to users with administrator access here. The information provided on this page includes every administrator's user pages, rights, promotion date, and status of activity.

  • Active - The user regularly contributes to the wiki. You should contact an active moderator, Content Moderator, administrator, or the VSTF if you require emergency assistance, such as reporting a vandal.
  • Partially Active - The user occasionally contributes to the wiki.
  • Inactive - The user rarely contributes to the wiki. If an administrator is persistently inactive, they are at possible risk of being demoted.
  • Unavailable - The user is permitted temporary future inactivity, and should not be contacted for assistance.
Username User pages Rights Promotion Status
TheGhostWalker Message Wall · Blog · Contributions · Edit count · Public logs Administrator
September 21, 2013 (Founder) Inactive
SaturdayNight Message Wall · Blog · Contributions · Edit count · Public logs Administrator
November 5, 2013 Active
Manulik Message Wall · Blog · Contributions · Edit count · Public logs Administrator
April 25, 2014 Inactive
Bermuda Message Wall · Blog · Contributions · Edit count · Public logs Administrator October 18, 2014 Inactive
Dynaboom Message Wall · Blog · Contributions · Edit count · Public logs Administrator
August 10, 2016 Active
UrbanPie950 Message Wall · Blog · Contributions · Edit count · Public logs Administrator March 24, 2019 Active

Becoming an administrator

You can request to become an administrator here. You may also request to become a rollback or an moderator. Responses to applications will be sent as soon as possible.

What should administrators do?

Administrators are highly trusted users who are granted access to a majority of the wiki. An administrator is expected to be active, ensure vandalism is kept minimal, and ensure that every user follows the policy. If you notice an administrator misusing their privileges, report them to an active bureaucrat immediately by sending them a message on their message wall. You should also report them by contacting Wikia here.

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