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Toontown Rerigged is an update that focuses on creating new rigs for Toontown Rewritten so that new animations can be made without having to remake the old animations.


  • Toontown Rerigged was a major topic at OMG!Con 2016.[1] The project's existence was previously announced on Twitter in April 18, 2016.
  • Zigguratxnaut made the new Toon rigs for Toontown Rerigged.[2] Other 3D animators such as Roger Dog and Captain McCrunchy already made test animations that were shown off at OMG!Con2016, which included an animation of Toon walking, and another of a Toon running and stopping.
  • A livestream was held showcasing the process of this project.[3]
  • The debut of the first new animations involved Riggy Marole, who made his first appearance as an NPC at ToonFest 2016.
  • The update was released on July 20, 2018. Some of the animation changes in this update included a new surprise animation and the walking animation from Toontown Online's early days.


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