Ah, Toontown. The sun is always shining, the birds are always singing, and mechanical businessmen are trying to destroy everything that us cartoons stand for.
Flippy from the "Greetings from Toontown!" postcard.[src]
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Toontown is a fictional world that makes up majority of the Tooniverse, along with other worlds like Duckburg and Loontown. As the main setting of Toontown Rewritten, Toontown is a silly, cartoon world that Toons officially call home.

In Toontown, Toons are always trying to have fun. However, trouble brewed in Toontown since the Toon Council Presidential Elections in which mechanical businessmen known as the Cogs invaded Toontown, and eventually became inhabitants of the streets and within their own Cog headquarters. As a Toon progresses through the game, they receive ToonTasks from NPCs for rewards such as the ability to access any playground in Toontown via the infamous portable hole. The Cog headquarters, however, are areas that Toons cannot teleport to without a maxed Cog Disguise for each area.

Below are the playgrounds and other zones of Toontown: