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The Toontorial, otherwise known as Tutorial Terrace, is an area in Toontown Central where Toons begin their adventure when they are created. After creating a Toon, the player is sent to Tutorial Tom's building.


Inside his shop, the player will be greeted by Tutorial Tom right after creating their Toon, who will then give them a lecture on what the Cogs are, and how they cannot take a joke. He proceeds by giving the Toon two gags (a Cupcake and a Squirting Flower), and a laff meter. He then notices that a level one Flunky is wandering outside his shop and instructs the Toon to defeat the Flunky, assigning them their first ToonTask.

After the Toon is sent outside, they must confront the Flunky in a battle. Because this specific battle involves a level one Flunky where there is no visible timer or any possible way to pass, it can never be lost through regular gameplay. After the Flunky is defeated, Tutorial Tom will teleport to the Toon and congratulate them on finishing their first ToonTask. He will then instruct the Toon to visit a nearby Toon Headquarters.

Toontorial toontask

The Toon will be able to enter the Toon HQ where they will receive the reward for completing the ToonTask from HQ Harry: a Shticker Book. HQ Harry then gives the Toon a lecture on how to use the Shticker Book and various pages that it contains.

After obtaining the Shticker Book, HQ Harry sends the Toon off to visit Flippy who stands near a tunnel that leads to Toontown Central. Flippy will then teach the Toon how to use SpeedChat and SpeedChat+. After this is done, he will say goodbye to the Toon and run straight through the tunnel. The Toon can then enter the tunnel to complete the Toontorial.


F A Flunky
Any Street
F Return to: HQ Officer return
A Flunky HQ Officer
Any Street
Any Neighborhood
Ride on the Trolley
in the Playground
Trolleyicon Return to: HQ Officer return
Ride on the Trolley HQ Officer
Toon HQ
Package ToonTask Green from: TaskCogs
A Blackboard Eraser The Cogs
Package ToonTask Green Return to: HQ Officer return
A Blackboard Eraser HQ Officer
Toon HQ
Make a friend
FriendTask Return to: HQ Officer return
Make a friend HQ Officer
Toon HQ
Call Clarabelle
On your phone
ClarabelleTaskIcon Return to: HQ Officer return
Call Clarabelle HQ Officer
Toon HQ
+1 Laff boost


  • Toontorial is a pun off of "tutorial".
  • It is unknown if the Toontorial resides in a playground or a street.
    • According to the game's localizer code, the street is called Tutorial Terrace. This name had also been mentioned by Toontown Rewritten in several blog posts.
      • The district could be set as Welcome Valley since the Toon Headquarters shares the same Toon Platoon board.
    • Some players speculate it is in Toontown Central because the two places share the same art style.
      • Although, this can be wrong because when entering the area, only the text "Toontorial" will show up on screen. In addition, the range of zone IDs of the Toontorial, which are unique to each playground, street and street area, is 20,000-20,999, whereas Toontown Central's is 2,000-2,999.
        • Because of this, it can be considered its own neighborhood.
  • Interestingly, the Toon HQ in the Toontorial is the only Toon HQ in all of Toontown to have only one HQ Officer with an actual name, which is HQ Harry.
  • All the NPCs in the Toontorial are dogs.
  • The game will crash if the player tries to teleport to another district if they are still in the Toontorial once they receive their Shticker Book.
  • Once the player logs off of Toontown Rewritten and logs back on, they will be sent back to the start of the Toontorial regardless of what point they were at during it.
  • Various dialogue changes and cutscene improvements were made to the Toontorial in an update released on December 10, 2016.
  • This is the only time where the Cupcake and Squirting Flower have perfect accuracy.
  • Even though a picture of a brown dog without a shirt using a Squirt gag on a Cog is shown during Tom's tutorial, Toons can not actually be shirtless.
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