This page is about the Toon Tag (Disney's Internet Zone) game prototype. You may be looking for the "Toon Tag" Trolley game.
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Toon Tag was a game that was in Disney Innoventions East at Epcot for nearly 10 years.[1] It was a game where you could play as 4 characters. Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Minnie. While not much is known about it. It is confirmed to be a game that had a section where four people could play on four podiums controlling a joystick and playing tag with four of their beloved Disney characters.


Big kids can join in a game of virtual tag playing as a classic disney character.[2]


Toontown Mysteries Toon Tag

Toontown Mysteries Toon Tag

  • Models and Textures were used from Toon Tag in the game Toontown Online, Mickey's, Goofy's, and Minnie's models were all directly transferred from Toon Tag. Donald's was transferred also previously but at some point was changed to dreamland and simplified both versions of the models. There is still a copy of the original Donald Duck model without propper textures in the 2003 files of Toontown Online however.
  • Goofy was in Daisy's Gardens for a long time because Goofy's model already existed from Toon Tag where as they never had quite the time to make Daisy's which was never featured in Toon Tag until they designed and added her into Toontown Online eventually down the road.
  • There were two maps that are known in the game. A sandy looking map and a green map. Jesse Schell revealed the names of the map(s) to be Ovaltown Squares with Trolley tracks that went around it. You could use the Trolley to get around the map easier.
  • The beta Donald Duck model can still be found under TT_D-1500.bam (or whatever lod version you want) in phase 6.


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    Bob Zalk was responsible for putting a new exhibit called Disney’s Internet Zone into Innoventions in Epcot Center. He really like what Schell had created, and even ended up installing it into said exhibit as "Toontag" where it stayed for nearly 10 years.
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