Toon Rewrite is a rewrite that can be purchased from the special section of Clarabelle's Cattlelog for 10,000 jellybeans. It was implemented as part of the "Toontown Tweaks" update that was released on February 1, 2015.[1] When a Toon purchases the item, they will be able to change their own size and color. This can only be done once per 6 months, and the changes are permanent until then.

Toon Rewrite will arrive in the Toon's mailbox six hours after placing the order. Once Toon Rewrite is obtained from the mailbox, a "Redraw Your Toon!" button will appear on the respective Toon that is being rewritten. After choosing to rewrite, the player will be able to change their Toon's size and color. If the player is satisfied with the changes, their Toon will return back to Toontown upon accepting the changes.


  • Toon Rewrite is based off one of Doctor Surlee's inventions called "The Rewritten Device".
  • Another addition to the "Toontown Tweaks" update prior to the release of Toon Rewrite was ten brand new Toon colors: Rose Pink, Ice Blue, Mint Green, Emerald, Teal, Bronze (renamed to Apricot), Amber, Crimson, Dark Green (renamed to Forest Green), and Steel Blue.[2]
  • Toon Rewrite does not allow the ability to change the Toon's species.
  • There is a similar rewrite item from ToonFest that allows Toons to change to a ToonFest Blue color and a ToonFest Pink color, both of which cost 300 tokens and is shipped right away.
    • Likewise, a rewrite item that arrives in Clarabelle's Cattlelog during Halloween allows Toons to change to a Spooky Purple color, which costs 1,031 jellybeans.


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