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Toon Resistance ToonTasks were special ToonTasks that were offered by Lord Lowden Clear and members of the Toon Resistance during Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters. These ToonTasks are involved with Sellbot Headquarters or with Sellbots (such as defeat 4 Cog V.P.s), and reward unique prizes, such as double experience, Cog Disguise parts, merits, SOS cards, and gag throws. Once the event was over, Toons would no longer be able to complete any of these ToonTasks.

Task types

Each one of the Toon Resistance members in the operation offers a set of missions with a unique award, even though the missions for getting the award may be identical:


On August 31, 2015, 00:00 PST (07:00 UTC), Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters has ended. Beforehand, the label above the ToonTask would read "Expires in %time%" (e.g. 3 days). Near the end of the operation, the label would read the number of hours left, then the number of minutes left, then "1 minute", and eventually "less than a minute".

When the operation ended and all tasks have expired, the title of the task, instead of "WANTED", would read "EXPIRED", and the ToonTask's color would turn to brown, and the timer label would read "Expired %time% ago...". The task would have a picture of an HQ Officer, telling the Toon to visit one. When doing so, the HQ Officer would not give a reward, and say:

"Hello, %Toon name%!"
"Whoops! I see that your ToonTask has expired!"
"You may not have gotten a reward, but better luck next time."
"See you later!"

The moment the operation ended, the Toon Resistance members (as well as the gag barrels) had yet to be removed from Sellbot Headquarters. Toons could still talk with them, yet all offered missions were expired missions, which will then direct the player back to an HQ Officer, which will not give any award.


  • Toons would be able to carry only one task from Lord Lowden Clear, while you were able to carry multiple tasks from each of the other Rangers.
  • Due to popular demand, Toon Resistance ToonTasks can be deleted by opening the Shticker Book.
  • In very old versions of Toontown Online, there used to be very challenging ToonTasks involving Sellbot Headquarters, which the Toon Resistance ToonTasks ended up being very similar.
  • Toons can still use the original chat phrases under the "ToonTasks" section of their SpeedChat, even after their tasks have expired.
  • These ToonTasks will return in Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters.

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