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Toon Headquarters, commonly known as Toon HQ, is a building located on every playground and every street, excluding Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres and Goofy Speedway. Every headquarters is equipped with a periscope or telescope, and an alarm system to maintain a constant lookout for Cogs. The building is occupied with four HQ Officers who offer ToonTasks.

When a Cog Invasion or Mega-Invasion is in session, Toon Headquarters sends a notification informing Toons about the invasion. Most Mega-Invasions are also broadcasted on the Toontown Rewritten website through blog posts posted by Toon Headquarters.


The exterior of a playground's local Toon Headquarters is based around its theme. In Toontown Central, the building is a fire station with a roof in the shape of a firefighter hat. In Donald's Dock, the building is an ocean liner with sailor hats for the roof. In Daisy Gardens, the building is a giant watering can with a pink bowl hat. In Minnie's Melodyland, the building is a gigantic jukebox wearing headphones. In The Brrrgh, the building is an igloo topped with a winter hat. In Donald's Dreamland, the building is a star observatory with a telescope that is focused at the sky, and has a roof like a night cap.


The interior of Toon Headquarters for every playground and street is similar but HQ Officers always differ. The rooms are an octagonal shape, with a laboratory, test chamber, two doorways, and five blackboards. One blackboard has the Toon Platoon showing the top ten Toons with the most points for recovered Cog Buildings. The other four chalkboards display machine concepts, including objects presumably invented by Loony Labs such as a banana-peeling machine and "Super Squirting Flowers". In the center of the room is a square booth surrounding the periscope fitted with sirens where HQ Officers are stationed at.


  • Toontown Central's Toon Headquarters is the only building to have two telescopes that are animated.
    • An update on April 1, 2018 implemented the second telescope that was previously missing.
  • When Sellbot Field Offices are released, they will take over Toon Headquarters in all of Toontown's districts.


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