Toon Hall
Toon Hall
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Basic information
Shopkeeper: Flippy
Other NPCs: Doctor Surlee
Professor Prepostera
Doctor Dimm
Professor Purrview
Doctor Fumbdound
Playground: Toontown Central
Toon Hall Location
The Toon Hall is a Toon building located at Toontown Central. It is the town hall of Toontown. This is where Flippy resides in his own office, and Scientoons from Loony Labs are constantly inspecting the Silly Meter.


Toon Hall Theme
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  • The Toon Hall's front wall was covered in black lines during the Toon Council Presidential Elections. This was likely due to a graphical bug.
    • Strangely, Alec Tinn, Flippy, and Slappy also walked out of the Toon Hall by simply passing through the door without opening.
  • Since 2014, Flippy hinted towards the construction of a brand new Toon Hall in the blog post, "Tooning-up the Toon Hall", but the Toontown Rewritten Team confirmed that this idea was ultimately scrapped. A piece of concept art showing what this Toon Hall could have looked like can be found in the gallery section below.
  • During Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters, a bug occurred that made Flippy stand next to the door rather than behind his counter.
  • The Toon Hall is one of the many buildings from Toontown Central that floats up due to the gravitational anomalies on April Toons Week.
  • At OMG!Con 2016, the Toontown Rewritten Team presented a virtual reality simulator that took place in the Toon Hall.
  • Toons who completed Professor Prepostera's ToonTask during the Great Silly Particle Search would see the original Toon Hall with Doctor Surlee, Doctor Fissionton, and the Silly Meter. Because the ToonTask ended based on its expiration date and thus ending the event, the Toon Hall automatically reverted back to Flippy's simplified office.
  • The Toon Hall is the only building that plays a soundtrack, as it dynamically changes based on the Silly Meter's phase. When the Silly Meter is cooling down, the above soundtrack from the "Music" section plays. If a Toon walks over to Flippy's office, the default Toon building soundtrack automatically plays.


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