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Toon Hall
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Basic information
Shopkeeper NPC: Flippy
NPCs: Doctor Surlee
Professor Prepostera
Doctor Dimm
Professor Purrview
Doctor Fumbdound
Playground: Toontown Central
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Toon Hall is a Toon Building located in Toontown Central that is considered the town hall of Toontown. Flippy operates at his personal office but Scientoons of Loony Labs also reside in Toon Hall where they are constantly inspecting the Silly Meter.




  • In a blog post titled "Tooning-up the Toon Hall", Flippy stated that there would be plans to construct an entirely brand new Toon Hall interior. A piece of concept art showing what this interior could have looked like can be found in the gallery section below.
  • Toon Hall is one of the many buildings in Toontown Central that float up due to gravitational anomalies that occur during April Toons Week.
  • At OMG!Con 2016, the Toontown Rewritten Team presented a virtual reality simulator of Toon Hall.
  • Toons who completed Professor Prepostera's ToonTask during the Silly Particle search would see the newer interior of Toon Hall from Toontown Online with Doctor Surlee, Doctor Fissionton, and a prototype of the Silly Meter; the hallway leading to Flippy's office was closed off. When the ToonTask expired, Toon Hall automatically reverted back to Flippy's small office.
  • As part of the Silly Meter update released on March 6, 2019, Toon Hall received a facelift based on the model from the discontinued Toontown 2.0 prototype, and a redesigned interior based on the Toontown Online Toon Hall interior used from 2010 to 2013, with new 3D window designs for Flippy's office.
  • Gag displays and certain portraits that originally appeared in the center of Toon Hall from Toontown Online are no longer present.
  • Toon Hall is the only building that plays dynamic music which depends on the status of the Silly Meter. When the Silly Meter is cooling down, the above soundtrack from the "Music" section plays. If a Toon walks over to Flippy's office, the default Toon Building soundtrack automatically plays.