The Toon Council is a group of Toons under the leadership of Flippy who govern Toontown. On April 19, 2014, the Toon Council Presidential Elections was held to elect the president of the Toon Council, and the governing body had been formed ever since then.


Toon Troopers

Toon Troopers are members of the Toon Council who occasionally roam around Toontown, usually hosting events such as parties, and are often identified by their yellow icon with a blue whistle. Below are some of the widely known Toon Troopers:


  • Even though Slappy was elected as the president, Flippy filled in for the position until his rival candidate returns from his absence.
  • The Toon Council fills the responsibility of accepting the names of new Toon residents.
  • Lil Oldman was the only known and confirmed member of the Toon Council besides Flippy in Toontown Online. It is assumed that Lil Oldman still remains in council.
  • Some of Toontown Rewritten's trading cards portray several of the Toon Council members. This includes Flippy, Slappy, and Doctor Surlee.
  • Although Doctor Surlee is the director of Loony Labs and Lord Lowden Clear is the leader of the Toon Resistance, they both represent a huge help for the Toon Council in fundamental ways.
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