Lotsa Lute! Savings & Loan, a Toon Building in Tenor Terrace, Minnie's Melodyland

A Toon Building is a building located on Streets and Playgrounds, which can be entered through a door. Many Toon Buildings have shopkeepers inside them—NPCs whom players can speak with.

There are certain consistent buildings on each main playground (that is, excluding Goofy Speedway and Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres): Toon Headquarters, Goofy's Gag Shop, a Clothing Shop, and a Pet Shop. All streets have one Toon Headquarters as well. Main playgrounds also have Party Gates.

In streets, each Toon Building is unique, with its own name and shopkeeper. The names are usually plays-on-words related to the theme of the Playground. Some of them are essential for completing ToonTasks. Some buildings are not related to ToonTasks at all, and some even have no shopkeeper. There are a few buildings without doors that are there for aesthetic purposes.

Toon Buildings in streets can be taken over by Cogs, and thereby turn into Cog Buildings. While a building is taken over by the Cogs, Toons cannot enter the room with the shopkeeper. The entry turns into an elevator that leads to Cog battles inside. The Toon Buidling returns to its original state once all Cogs inside are defeated, or when the Cog Building has timed out after a length of inactivity. Rescuing enough buildings rewards Toons with ranked stars above their name tags.

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