Lotsa Lute Savings n Loan

Lotsa Lute! Savings & Loan, a Toon Building in Tenor Terrace, Minnie's Melodyland

A Toon Building is a building located on streets and playgrounds, which can be entered through a door. Many of the Toon Buildings have shopkeepers inside them- NPCs whom players can speak with.

Each playground has its own constant set of buildings: Goofy's Gag Shop, Clothing Shop and a Pet Shop. Each one of those buildings is used for buying certain things. In addition, each street and playground has a Toon Headquarters, from which Toons can get missions. Playgrounds have party gates as well, which are used for hosting and entering parties.

In streets, there are various Toon Buildings- some of them are essential for going through and completing ToonTasks. Streets are also where Toon Buildings can be empty- unoccupied by NPCs. Some of the Toon Buildings in streets have no doors, and are essentially used for decoration purposes only.

Toon Buildings in streets can also be taken over by Cogs, and thereby turn into Cog Buildings- tall, gray office buildings. While a building is taken over by the Cogs, Toons cannot enter the room with the shopkeeper. A cog building can be destroyed by entering it and defeating all cogs inside of it, and return to its original state. Rescuing buildings can also give a toon a star above their name tag.

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