Professor Prepostera
Yes, yes, it's very true!
The Toontown Pet Shop is, as you can see, officially open!
...As a temporary base of operations for Loony Labs, yes.
You've seen the anomalies, haven't you?
Silliness is all over the place, it's madness!
And that's why Dimm and I are here, to...
What do you mean 'Doodle'?
No, no. We're doing science here, not pet care!
What do you think this is, a pet shop?
Ah... Right.
Fine, if you must, go talk to President Flippy.
He had one of those strange 'Doodles' before.
Flippy's building is called "Toon Hall"...
...which is in this playground.
Flippy ToonTask Brown Flippy
Toon Hall
Toontown Central
Professor Prepostera sent you here?
Have we finally found Fluffy?!
Oh, I'm sorry for my excitement...
You see, Fluffy was my pet Doodle, but he's been lost recently.
I'd do anything to get that little guy back.
You know, maybe you could help me.
I was supposed to help out some lower laff Toons today, but if you could instead...
..I could go search for him a bit more!
25 Laff Meter ToonTask defeat: The Cogs ToonTask Blue
Help a new Toon 25 laff or less 8 Cogs
The Cogs ToonTask Green Return to: [[File:{{{NPC Image}}}|50px]]
8 Cogs Flippy
Toon Hall
Toontown Central
How did the battles go?
I tried searching for Fluffy, but...
As soon as I stepped out the door, the Toon Hall was floating high in the sky!
Go back to Professor Prepostera immediately and get the scoop on this.
Professor Prepostera ToonTask Brown Professor Prepostera
Pet Shop
Toontown Central
Professor Prepostera
Aha, so you're ready to do some science?
Just as I was saying earlier, something strange is going on here.
The gravity, our limbs, and even our own voices...
Everything is going absolutely haywire!
This is the least of the Lab's problems.
Poor Doctor Surlee has had quite a time ever since March 26th.
Take this shirt for your induction as an honorary lab monkey.
I mean, your voice will be a monkey's at some point if we don't put a stop to this!
Come back to me when you're ready to investigate.
Your Loony Labs Shirt will arrive in your mailbox shortly.
Loony Labs Shirt

On April Toons Week, all Pet Shops across Toontown open up as the temporary base of Loony Labs. Upon completion of this ToonTask, the Loony Labs Shirt will be mailed to the Toon's mailbox.






  • This ToonTask, along with the rest of the Loony Labs ToonTasks, expire after the April Toons Week event comes to an end.
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