Lord Lowden Clear
Greetings from the Toon Resistance!
I take it you know who I am: Lord Lowden Clear, leader of the Toon Resistance...
...And mastermind behind this operation!
I've got loads of missions for you, but they're going to be tough.
However, the reward is only available for a limited time!
We're going to need to get you suited up before you get started.
First, fo and introduce yourself to the other Resistance Rangers around the Outpost.
50px Rocky
Resistance Outpost
Sellbot HQ Courtyard
Sellbot HQ
Another new recruit, I see.
I'm Resistance Ranger Rocky, one of the leaders of this Operation.
I've got all sorts of ToonTasks for you to provide you with the Boss-fighting supplies you need.
Cog parts, merits, SOS cards - you name it.
Speaking of which, why don't you bust a few of them in the factory while you're here?
We don't want them getting too close to camp...
File:Sellbot Blue.png 10 Sellbots
In Sellbot Hq
Cog-Crusher Outfit

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