Token Jar

A jar of tokens.

ToonFest tokens are a special form of currency in Toontown Rewritten that was introduced since ToonFest 2015. These tokens could be earned by doing activities in the ToonFest Grounds. The amount of tokens a Toon has collected is displayed in a small jar, next to the jellybean jar in the Shticker Book or when pressing Home.

The ToonFest tokens are used for purchasing new exclusive clothing and accessories at the ToonFest Tower by speaking to one of the eight Token Takers. When the event comes to an end, tokens disappear and reset for the next event.

Earning tokens

Tokens can be earned in several ways:


  • Fish species can also be caught in other areas and sold at the ToonFest Grounds for tokens. This also works vice versa; fish caught in the ToonFest fishing pond can be sold for jellybeans in other playgrounds.
  • Tokens are actually made out of pure chocolate because Riggy Marole did not want to go back on edible currency.
  • Toons who attended ToonFest 2015 kept their tokens for ToonFest 2016. Future events now had tokens reset.
  • The maximum amount of tokens that can be collected is 32,050.


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