The ToonFest Tower is the tower of sillyness of the ToonFest 2014. By defeating fake Cogs with Flippy's pies, Toons can speed up, slow down, and reverse the direction of the platforms around the tower.

Appearances and Events

  • On September 19, 2014, the ToonFest Tower was revealed in the opening of the ToonFest area.


At the bottom are four rotating disks similar to the merry-go-round that used to be in Minnie's Melodyland (in Toontown Online Beta) colored red, blue, yellow, and red with each getting smaller. Each platform spins the opposite direction of the one larger than it. At the center of the four platforms in a blue and red cupcake, with a pillow stuck out of the top. On top of the pillow is a blue hat-like object with four party streamers connected to it. Out of the hat is a stem which connects to the ToonFest 2014 logo and the platform where toons will watch the fireworks. About the viewing platform is a party hat connected by two toons hands.


  • In one of Slate Blue Rabbit's YouTube Livestreams (sometime before the 58 minute mark), Slate said the ToonFest tower was made by all 3 texture artists. The bottom to the rectangular yellow part with the blue stars was made by Slate. The round part with bands around it was made by Boo Boo, and the blue 3D star to the top was made by June.
  • Garfieldo design the full model for the tower.


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