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Template:Pagecover ToonFest 2017 is an event that marks the four year anniversary of Toontown Rewritten. The event was held in a temporary newly constructed area located in Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres called the Event Grounds.

The event began on September 19, 2017 and will last for a whole month up until October 20, 2017. The day this celebration began is also the four year anniversary of the closure of Toontown Online.

Blog posts

ToonFest will be held from September 19, 2017 to October 20, 2017. During the duration of the event, there will also be blog posts announcing updates for ToonFest.


It is a large, grassy, hilly area dotted with several pine trees, tons of confetti, cannons, trampolines, and picnic tables, some of which Toons can play picnic games on. While remaining at the area, the sky would go through a process of the day and night cycle. A dirt road leads from the ToonFest entrance, all the way to the ToonFest Tower. Close by is a large mountain with a mysterious mine shaft coming out of it. The mineshaft is inaccessible, but can clearly be seen if you managed to get on top of the ToonFest Tower.

Unlike ToonFest 2014, new features were added to the area, such as cannons, trampolines, and ToonFest tokens. The ToonFest tokens were used to purchase many new prizes upon visiting the Token Takers when the doors of the ToonFest Tower opened since day 1 of the event. Scattered across the ToonFest area are bean bags that give jellybeans, as well as tokens.


ToonFest had many activities, some of which already existed before the opening. Toons were able to play Find Four, Chinese Checkers, and Checkers on the empty tables. There were normal picnic tables, which would spawn food when a Toon sits somewhere on the benches. Cannons and trampolines also made their debut at the event, giving ToonFest tokens at the end of the activity.

Melville was standing near a fishing pond, allowing Toons to fish and sell them to him for extra ToonFest tokens.

Prize booth

Within the ToonFest Tower, Token Takers managed a prize booth where Toons could purchase all sorts of brand new clothing and accessories.

Toons could also purchase merry multipliers from another booth solely for those prizes. Although unconfirmed, there is expected to be limited-time ToonFest ToonTasks, a Quizmaster, and the Duck Tank that was originally intended to be released for ToonFest 2016.


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