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ToonFest 2017 was an event that marked the fourth anniversary of Toontown Rewritten and four years since the closure of Toontown Online. The event was held in a temporary, newly constructed area located in Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres called the ToonFest Grounds. The event began on September 19, 2017 and lasted for a whole month up until October 20, 2017.

Blog posts

As ToonFest continued, blog posts were published on pertaining to the event. Riggy Marole once again caused mayhem on the Toontown blog.

ToonFest Grounds

Main page: ToonFest Grounds

The ToonFest Grounds is a large woodland dotted with many pine trees, various props, and some tables that Toons can play picnic games on. A dirt road leads from the Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres entrance all the way to the ToonFest Tower. Near the Tower is a mountain where a mysterious mineshaft can be seen. Although the mineshaft is inaccessible, Toons can get a better view of it if they manage to get to the top of the Tower. It is the only area in Toontown with a day and night cycle.


ToonFest had plenty of activities found exclusively at the event area that Toons could participate in to earn ToonFest tokens.

  • Cannons - Similar to parties, Toons must blast themselves straight out of a cannon to touch as many clouds as possible. The more clouds that are hit, the more tokens that can be earned.
  • Trampolines - Toons must press the "Control" key to jump as high as possible and grab the most tokens.
  • Fishing - Toons can visit the large fishing pond to catch fish and sell them to Melville for tokens.
  • Duck tank - Toons must throw pies at the target to dunk Cleff. A lot of tokens are rewarded to participants depending on how many times the target was hit and how quickly Cleff was dunked. It is recommended to have help from other Toons for this activity.


Toons could visit the fleet of Token Takers at the ToonFest Tower and various pop-up booths to purchase all sorts of exclusive prizes such as brand new clothing, accessories, portable pies, and merry multipliers by using tokens. Below are a few examples of the prizes:

16-10-12 bowtiebows16-10-12 flowertopper16-10-12 hawaiian16-10-12 merrymultipliers


ToonFest Pick-a-Toon
ToonFest Theme
ToonFest Theme
Finale Fireworks
ToonFest Finale Fireworks


  • For the first time ever, Toontown Rewritten updated their website and social media platforms in a ToonFest style.
  • The duck tank was originally intended to be released for ToonFest 2016.


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