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'''Toon-Up''' is a [[Gag Tracks|gag track]] that has medium accuracy and becomes available once a [[Toons|Toon]] finishes the [[ToonTask]]s in [[Toontown Central]], [[Minnie's Melodyland]], or [[The Brrrgh]] if not chosen in the previous [[playgrounds]]. Toon-Up [[gags]] are the first gags that are used by Toons in a Cog battle.
Toon-Up gags heal the targeted Toon(s) by the Toon-Up amount set for each gag. If a Toon-Up gag heals multiple Toons at the same time, the value is split evenly between them.
Unlike other tracks, if a Toon-Up gag misses, it will not completely fail to heal the targeted Toons. Instead, the gag will only heal 20% of the original value, rounded up.
{| style="width:100%; color:#000; background-color:#C55AE8; border:2px solid purple; text-align:center; {{R|10}}"
! scope="col" |Icon
! scope="col" |[[File:Feather.png|40px]]
! scope="col" |[[File:Megaphone.png|40px]]
! scope="col" |[[File:Lipstick.png|40px]]
! scope="col" |[[File:Bamboo Cane.png|40px]]
! scope="col" |[[File:Pixie Dust.png]]
! scope="col" |[[File:Juggling Balls.png]]
! scope="col" |[[File:High Dive.png]]
|[[Bamboo Cane]]
|[[Pixie Dust]]
|[[Juggling Balls]]
|[[High Dive]]
|'''Organic Boost'''
|One Toon
|All Toons
|One Toon
|All Toons
|One Toon
|All Toons
|All Toons
*A Toon cannot use Toon-Up to restore their own laff. Instead, Toons can heal themselves by using [[Doodles]], Toon-Up [[SOS Toons|SOS Cards]] and [[Unite! Phrase|Unites]].
*Even though a Toon-up gag that misses still heals the targeted Toons by a small amount, no experience points will be granted to the Toon-up user.
*The [[Accuracy]] rating in the gag menu is Medium.
[[Category:Toon-Up Gags]]
[[Category:Toon-Up Gags]]

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