Toon-Up is a gag track that has a medium accuracy and becomes available once a Toon completes the ToonTasks in Toontown Central, Minnie's Melodyland, or The Brrrgh if not chosen beforehand. Toon-Up gags are the first set of gags used during a Cog battle, and rely on healing the targeted Toon(s) by the amount of laff points set for each gag. If a Toon-Up gag heals multiple Toons at the same time, the value is split evenly between them. Unlike other tracks, Toon-Up gags do not miss, but rather, provide 20% of the original value that is rounded up.


Image Feather Icon Megaphone Icon Lipstick Icon Bamboo Cane Icon Pixie Dust Icon Juggling Cubes Icon High Dive Icon
Gag Feather Megaphone Lipstick Bamboo Cane Pixie Dust Juggling Cubes High Dive
Heal 8-10 15-18 27-30 40-45 60-70 90-120 210
Organic heal 11 19 33 49 77 132 231
Affects One Toon All Toons One Toon All Toons One Toon All Toons All Toons
Required skill points 0 20 200 800 2,000 6,000 10,000
propAcc 70 70 70 70 70 70 100


  • A Toon cannot use Toon-Up to restore their own laff. Instead, Toons can heal themselves by using doodles, Toon-Up SOS cards, and unites.
  • Even though a Toon-Up gag that misses still heals the targeted Toon(s) by a small amount, no experience points will be granted to the Toon-Up user.
  • Any Toon-Up gag will not heal a Toon with a full laff meter.
  • When a Toon-Up gag heals at a minimum amount, the laughs from the recipient(s) will all be lowercase letters; i.e. "ha ha ha" or "hee hee". If the Toon-Up gag heals at a higher amount, the laughs will start with an uppercase letter; i.e. "Ha Ha Ha" or "BWAH HAH HAH!" depending on the amount. The laugh from Toon-Up will be all uppercase if a Toon-Up gag heals 17 laff or more.
  • The size of the Feather gag can be different between Toons.
  • Toon-Up and Lure are the only gag tracks to alternate between all and one Cog. The rest of the tracks either attack one or attack all, except for level seven gags.
  • Toon-Up is the only gag track in which each gag has its own unique animation.
  • Toon-Up is one of three gag tracks that do not have gags that require a trigger box animation, with the other two being Throw and Sound.
  • The word 'Toon-Up' is frequently abbreviated as 'TU', and can be mentioned as such within the game through SpeedChat+.
  • In the gag menu, the accuracy for Toon-Up is labeled as medium.
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