Token Takers

Token Takers are NPC clerks working at the ToonFest Tower of the event grounds since their first appearance during ToonFest 2015. The Token Taker's job is to offer prizes to Toons, which can be bought in exchange for ToonFest Tokens.

The Token Takers are all bears with the same legs and body size, but they have a different head and muzzle shape, including different colors. They all wear a red striped suit, with a red bowtie and a bamboo hat. The male Token Takers also have mustaches.

List of Token Takers

Item Token Takers (2015, 2016)

Token Taker Gender Color
Token Taker Tara Female Bright Red
Token Taker Toby Male Sea Green
Token Taker Tammy Female Rose Pink
Token Taker Tyler Male Brown
Token Taker Terence Male ToonFest Blue
Token Taker Tess Female Amber
Token Taker Ted Male Yellow
Token Taker Tommy Male Teal

Other Token Takers (2016)

Token Taker Gender Color Place
Token Taker Tori Female Tan Pie Purchase
Token Taker Tanner Male Coral Pie Purchase
Token Taker Tonya Female Green Merry Multipliers
Token Taker Tobias Male Mint Green Merry Multipliers

The Two Token Takers at both Pie Purchases and Merry Multipliers share names. Additionally, in what seems to be an error, at Merry Multipliers, Tori is a Male and Tanner is a Female.


ToonFest 2015

Main page: ToonFest 2015 Prize Booth
Item Type Price
Page #1
Extraordinaire Hat Accessory (Hats) 250
Extraordinaire Bowtie Accessory (Backpacks) 100
Extraordinaire Jacket (males) Clothing 250
Extraordinaire Vest (females) Clothing 250
Extraordinaire Shorts (males) Clothing 250
Extraordinaire Skirt (females) Clothing 250
Jellybean Jar Accessory (Backpacks) 250
ToonFest Blue Toon Color 300
Page #2
Emergency Seltzer Accessory (Backpacks) 100
Red Bowtie Accessory (Backpacks) 10
Stary Bowtie Accessory (Backpacks) 30
Red Fancy Bowtie Accessory (Backpacks) 30
Green Fancy Bowtie Accessory (Backpacks) 30
Purple Fancy Bowtie Accessory (Backpacks) 30
Page #3
Strawberry Bowtie Accessory (Backpacks) 50
Vanilla Bowtie Accessory (Backpacks) 50
Pink Polka Bowtie Accessory (Backpacks) 50
Carrot Bowtie Accessory (Backpacks) 50
Portable Blanket Accessory (Backpacks) 50
Strawberry Cape Accessory (Backpacks) 50
Page #4
Red Summer Shades Accessory (Glasses) 10
Red Spotted Shades Accessory (Glasses) 30
Pink Spotted Shades Accessory (Glasses) 30
Gold Summer Shades Accessory (Glasses) 10
Black Spotted Shades Accessory (Glasses) 30
White Spotted Shades Accessory (Glasses) 30
Page #5
Blue Spotted Shades Accessory (Glasses) 30
Turquoise Summer Shades Accessory (Glasses) 10
Black Summer Shades Accessory (Glasses) 10
Pink Summer Shades Accessory (Glasses) 10
White Cool Summer Shades Accessory (Glasses) 30
Black Cool Summer Shades Accessory (Glasses) 30
Page #6
Hypno-Goggle Glasses Accessory (Glasses) 50
Solid Black Narrow Glasses Accessory (Glasses) 10
Black Narrow Glasses Accessory (Glasses) 10
White Narrow Glasses Accessory (Glasses) 10
Green Narrow Glasses Accessory (Glasses) 10
Pink Narrow Glasses Accessory (Glasses) 10
Page #7
Bowtied Bonnet Accessory (Hats) 30
Blue Brimmed Hat Accessory (Hats) 50
Extraordinaire Hair Bow Accessory (Hats) 100
Red Hair Bow Accessory (Hats) 10
Stary Hair Bow Accessory (Hats) 30
Red Fancy Hair Bow Accessory (Hats) 30
Page #8
Green Fancy Hair Bow Accessory (Hats) 30
Purple Fancy Hair Bow Accessory (Hats) 30
Strawberry Hair Bow Accessory (Hats) 50
Vanilla Hair Bow Accessory (Hats) 50
Polka Hair Bow Accessory (Hats) 50
Carrot Hair Bow Accessory (Hats) 50

ToonFest 2016

Pie Purchases

The Pie Purchase stand offered throwable items (like snowballs during Christmas). Once bought a pie of any kind, the Toon may not buy a different kind of pie until they have consumed all their pies. Toons may still, however, buy more pies of the same type.

Item Price
Page #1
5 Cupcakes 3
5 Whole Cream Pies 5
5 Fruit Pie Slices 3
5 Cream Pie Slice 5
3 Birthday Cakes 15
15 Wedding Cake 75
Page #2
20 Cupcakes 12
20 Whole Cream Pies 20
20 Fruit Pie Slices 12
20 Cream Pie Slice 20
10 Birthday Cakes 40
3 Wedding Cakes 200
Page #3
50 Cupcakes 30
50 Whole Cream Pies 40
50 Fruit Pie Slices 30
50 Cream Pie Slice 40
25 Birthday Cakes 100
10 Wedding Cakes 550


  • A total of 3050 ToonFest Tokens are required in order to buy all items from the ToonFest 2015 shop (technically 3300, but the Extraordinaire Shorts and Extraordinaire Skirt are not available based on the Toon's gender).
  • Token Taker Ted was the main Toon who introduced himself and the other Token Takers. He is also the one who confirmed that the ToonFest Tokens are made out of pure chocolate.


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