Okay, I understand you choice now.

When I designed the Clothing template, I designed it to require uniformity. I've always been bothered by images being named "yellowglasses", rather than "YellowSunShades" or the official name. This was my way of forcing the image to be named properly. My other basis behind this was to purposefully make it hard for the template to be used to prevent it from being used wrongly, therefore ensuring all clothing pages looked correct and the same. This is why most clothing pages can only be edited in source mode – the history template breaks the ability to use visual (a move I purposefully made to sort of "deter" the average editor from changing the uniformity of the pages).

I completely get that wikis are supposed to be "user friendly" and "editable by everyone", but the way I saw these specific clothing pages was that once they were perfected, they would never need to be edited again, beside adding more availability dates.

Now that you know my side, I guess it's up to you whether or not to maintain that. I would suggest that if you wanted to throw out my idea of making the templates hard to use on purpose, that we re-discuss how to code the existing templates, rather than create a bunch of new ones. But whichever you think is best.

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