• Congrats on getting your beta key!! :D

    Did you complete a Toontask for it or did somebody give it to you? (Just curious.)

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    • Thanks!  Someone gave it to me when I made a thorough bug report on the playtime bugs thread.  I would say their name, but that could result in a million people begging the guy for more keys.  Not the best way to say "Thank you".

      I'm trying to get in to the Beta Tester User group, but the waiting is irritating.

      I had lots of time to play with the teleportation bypasses.  When I have time, maybe I can document them better for the wiki.  Though with so much to do on the wiki, free time is hard to come by.

      Hopefully, our paths will cross in-game.

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    • You mean on that one forum? Meh, I don't really go there (too strict for me). 

      ...Honestly doubt we'll meet before the public release, as I gave up on the playline (I have to contact staff to ask for the newer server iP adress, generate cookies aka log-in codes by finding the so-called queue codes, edit my files and more) because it is all too tiring for me and when I actually get to play I only have about one hour.

      Either way, have fun and stuff! (...Didn't know how to finish :P)

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