• Why are there so many gaps in the 2019 News blogs?

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    • I just haven't had time to fill them in, and I'm assuming the others haven't had time for that either.

      We usually get behind on the blogs around the time ToonFest (in real life) begins. They like to post lots of pictures per blog then.

      We also get behind during the TTR's 12 Days of Winter. And at a certain point, it becomes more convenient to complete 100% of the new year blog posts in January, rather than complete 12 months of blog posts from the prior year.

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    • They certainly haven't. I have lots of extra time on my hands, so I'm certain I can fill in the missing blogs. That's one of the reasons I wish to become an administrator.

      Oh, and I happen to be administrator on several wikis, one of which is the Disney Wiki.

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    • Well it's too bad I can't just change the News Blogs (2019) page to allow edits from the Moderator user rights you already have. Thank you for the good edits you've made elsewhere though!

      If you want to help out with blogs without an Administator role, there's two ways we could go about this. You could upload images/files that would be used in a blog post. Or you could post the wikitext here in this thread for someone else to put on a blog post page.

      (1) There's a specific blog post I've had my eye on but haven't had time to upload the pictures for. Haven't even come up with what naming conventions I'd use for the files.

      One of those pictures used to be private, but it looks like it's public again. :)

      If you upload those pictures (or at least one of them), I can at least stick it in a gallery on the page.

      (2) The second approach is if you gave me wikitext for the blog post between the <pre></pre> tags.

      I may have to fact-check what you give me, so please don't send more than three blogs at a time. I don't wanna leave ya hanging and if you gave a huge amount, like 15 blog posts, I'd feel really guilty for not completing them. :P

      I've been busy recently, but I should have a little more time on my hands this week. If you give me the wikitext, I'm sure I can put a few blogs up on the page and give you credit via the edit summaries.

      What you'd give me would look something like this.

      ==='''{{Plainlink| Ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics Wrap-Up}}'''===
      Posted by '''Franz Neckvein''' on ''February 2, 2019 at 7:15 PM''
      :HELLO LAFFLETES, far and wide, from Donald's Dreamland all the way to my hometown of Toontown Central! Welcome to ze finish line! Ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics have officially come to a spectacular finishing act. Of course, zat means ze time has come to announce ze winners of ze event, ja?
      [[File:19-2-2 zatsawrapfolks.jpg|thumb|center|500px|Franz Neckvein celebrates the end of the 2019 Winter Laff-o-Lympics with the victors.]]
      :I am so proud to see all of my puny Laffletes grow up into champions! Zat is ze Punchline Gym's purpose. First, I vill list how many Toons received each medal:
      *A total of '''2,251 Toons''' vill receive the Bronze prize!
      *A total of '''409 Toons''' vill receive the Silver Prize, including an exclusive SpeedChat phrase!
      *Finally, '''238 Toons''' vill receive the Gold Prize, which contains an exclusive Toon T.A.G.S. style!
      :But zat's not what you're all here for, I get zat. In my hands, I hold ze winning team of the 2019 Winter Laff-o-Lympics. Who vill it be? Perhaps ze warm and toasty Team Hot Cocoa, or vill it be ze delicious and sugary Team Milk & Cookies? Ze truth is, both teams got lots and lots of ze Laff points. Toontown is now stronger zen ever in fighting ze Cogs! However, I must crown a single winner...
      :Ze winner of the Winter Laff-o-Lympics is '''Team Hot Cocoa'''! Congratulations to all ''Cats, Crocodiles, Deer, Monkeys, and Mice'' who participated in ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics and gained 50 Laff Points! Once again, you vill recieve zese rewards prizes ze next time you enter Toontown:
      [[File:icon hotcocoa.png|thumb|right|154px|Team Hot Cocoa]]
      *5000 Jellybeans
      *1000 Racing Tickets
      *One Gag-Up All Unite
      *One Max Toon-Up Unite
      *Two 600 Bean Unites
      :Finally, I vould like to thank all Toons who participated in ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics. Ze Cogs are getting stronger by ze day, and ve will need all the strength possible to fight back ze intruders. To all of ze Laffletes, '''Thank YOU for making zis' a Toontastic Winter Laff-o-Lympics!'''
      :Now, there's no time to vaste, I am already behind on my training! If you need me, I vill be exercising my strength back at ze Punchline Gym. Until next time!
      |Year = 2019
      |Month = February
      |Day = 2
      |Game Build = ttr-live-v2.3.4}}

      Very easy to copy/paste. And you can just send it as a reply to this thread.

      Thanks for your time. And thanks for uploading the 12 Days of Winter pictures recently.

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    • You are most welcome. I'm so eager to help administrators like yourself.

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    • I'm sending you the wikitexts for the missing blogs.

      ==='''{{Plainlink| Stay Sharp on the Ides of March}}'''===
      Posted by '''Back Stabber''' on ''March 15, 2019 at 2:00 PM''
      :Hello there, Toons. You might find it odd to see us out and about today, but it is the Ides of March, after all. It seems that the {{Plainlink| Double Talkers of last week}} did not get the ''point'' across quite as well as we'd anticipated. Feh, you even allowed for that ''piercing'' Silly Meter to reach {{Plainlink| its maxing point}}! Don't you know that the Silly Levels are ''spiking'' to the highest levels seen?
      [[File:19-3-15_theythinktheyrefoolingusall.jpg|thumb|center|500px|Back Stabbers invading the streets.]]
      :To that, I warn you of Loony Labs' true intentions: to ''backstab'' all of you while you aren't looking. I could never think of doing such a horrible thing. But look at those downright batty Scientists. We cannot stand for such ''sharp'' tactics. To further assist in taking down these "friends" at Loony Labs, '''us Backstabbers are paying Toontown a visit with yet another Mega-Invasion.'''
      :Come now, why wouldn't you trust us? We're just here to ensure that Toontown remains as ''sharp'' as a tack. We'd never pull the wool over your eyes, honest. Don't make the same mistake you made with those Double Talkers, simply let us do our work and Toontown will be back to the way it once was.
      ==='''{{Plainlink| Go Green for the Leprecog!}}'''===
      Posted by '''Eugene''' on ''March 17, 2019 at 2:30 PM''
      :Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Have ya heard the news? ''What news!?'' Are ya tellin’ me ya have no idea about the Leprecog? Yes, yes, the Leprecog. A wee little Cog that comes around evr’y Saint Patty’s Day and gobbles up all the beans it can find. Dastardly lil' fellow he is. Leavin’ no beans for the rest of us. I’ve heard that he scurries through our very streets, ready to pounce on us helpless Toons and steal our beans! Egads, it gives me the shivers. 
      [[File:19-3-17_alwaysstealingmeluckybeans.jpg|thumb|center|500px|Eugene thinking about the evil Leprcog.]]
      :Luckily, ya know me - good ol’ Eugene the Irishtoon! My green gloves, dyed with all-natural green jellybeans, will sure make that Leprecog skedaddle. Whaddya mean my gloves aren't green? Oh- blast it! Ye didn't see anything, I tell ya. Anywho, back to the conversation at hand. One pair of green gloves for every Toon should do the trick. Because the Leprecog hates the sight of a bean put through the wringer. Hmm... yes. It dislikes that very much. ''That sounds good. Good Job, Eugene. Smart move.'' Don’t ya go lookin’ this up in the library! I’ve already done all the studying for ya. Lepre...cog...ology is a serious practice. ''Hehe.''
      :Oh, where was I? Ah! So stop by me ol' shop, Green Bean Jeans in Daisy Gardens! Don’t let the Lepre... umm... '''what'd I call the thing... come on, use yer noggin’'''... AHA! THE LEPRECOG!
      :Ahem. Don’t let the Leprecog ruin your Saint Patty’s Day this year and let me dye your gloves a shiny green hue. ''I need yer business for me shop, after all.'' ''I MEAN...'' I need yer... citrus... for me... cough. Eck Agh Bleh. That's right. '''Grab yerself a pair of shiny green gloves, Toons! Remember, these limited time special gloves'll be available until March 21 at 11:59 PM Toontown Time (PDT)!''' They also conveniently disappear from yer gloves at that time as well. I oughta be increasing the quality of my Green Beans one o' these days, maybe they'd last a wee bit longer. Once the gloves are gone, I suspect my cough'll be clearin' up. ''Hachoo! Ah! Sick noise.'' '''All you gotta do is walk up ta' me and say "It's Easy to be Green!" from yer Handy-Dandy SpeedChat menu.''' Now make like a Leprecog and skedaddle on over here, before I run outta Green Jellybeans!
      ==='''{{Plainlink| Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019!}}'''===
      Posted by '''The Toontown Team''' on ''March 22, 2019 at 3:30 PM''
      :Silliness is on the rise all throughout the Toontown Community -- and so is the blood pressure of our staff members! It can only be one thing… Today, we're formally announcing that '''the ''Fifth Anniversary'' of ToonFest''' will be hosted from <u>August 1-4</u> at the most Toontastic location we've ever visited: ReplayFX 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!
      :Check out our announcement video to see footage of last year's event, and read on to learn how we're making the fifth anniversary our best ToonFest yet!
      [[File:ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019 The Fifth Anniversary of ToonFest!|thumb|center|500px|]]
      [[File:ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019: The Fifth Anniversary of ToonFest!|center|500px]]
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' size=5 color=black>What is it?</font>
      :Once again, we’re bringing the boatloads of real world Toontown fun for all ages to a can’t-miss celebration where you can hang out with fellow Toons, meet the The Toontown Team, participate in activities like our annual pie toss, and more! We're kicking things into high gear for our fifth anniversary, and we'll tell you more about that in the coming months leading up to the event.
      :Running an event like this for five years running is no small feat, and the only one to thank is YOU! Whether you've attended ToonFest in person or watched online from home: You’re the reason that we spend countless hours making sure that ToonFest becomes bigger and better every year.
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' size=5 color=black>Where is it?</font>
      :This year's ToonFest is being hosted for the third year in a row at ReplayFX 2019, which is in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event starts on Thursday, August 1st and will end on Sunday, August 4th.
      :We know that some Toons may be disappointed that we're returning to Pittsburgh instead of expanding to a different area. Our team spent a long time considering several other places, but at the end of the day, our goal is to pick the location which we know will provide the BEST Toontown event ever. Above all, coming back to ReplayFX allows for us to focus less on logistics and more on ''fun!''
      :If you're unable to make it to the event, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that we'll talk about in the future to make sure you can enjoy it from home.
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' size=5 color=black>Want to Know More?</font>
      :If you’re feeling "TOON ENOUGH" for the task, check our {{Plainlink| ToonFest information page}}, which has all the information you need to learn more about the event and plan your trip. We’re really excited to spend a weekend with Toontown fans from around the world, and like always, we’re here to make this a highlight of your summer vacation!
      :Don’t take a breather just yet, though! ReplayFX is a very popular convention, and tickets and hotels may sell out quickly. That’s why the best time to {{Plainlink| purchase tickets}} is right now!
      :Our behind-the-scenes and announcement blog posts will continue, so keep your eyes glued to the Toontown Blog for more information along as we get ever closer to August 1st. ''There’s only 132 more days to go!''
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    • Thank you for the blog posts! I just put them up on the News Blogs (2019) page. And gave you credit in the edit summary.

      The TTR website is down for me right now, so I couldn't fact-check it as much as I wanted to. I did change the alt text (based on some old notes of mine) and fixed the video. When putting videos on the Wiki, Wikia likes to remove the ":" sometimes. :P

      Thanks again for helping out, ZanyDragon.

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    • No problem. It would be nice if I were an administrator like yourself. I could help out in more ways than one.

      And what's more, I wouldn't have to keep sending you the texts. They would quickly fill up this discussion faster than we can say "vegetables and fruits".

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    • ==='''{{Plainlink| Saving the Best for ToonFest | Backstage Toontown}}'''===
      Posted by '''The Toontown Team''' on '' June 5, 2018 at 4:40 PM''
      :Hi again, Toons! It's time for our third and final Backstage Column of this week -- the most that we have ''ever'' had in a single week. There's a lot of things that we've been working on behind the scenes, and these three posts are only giving you a small glimpse of what's to come.
      :Today's post aims to give you a sneak peak of our highly anticipated real-world event, ToonFest at '''{{Plainlink| ToonFest at ReplayFX 2018}}''' -- and in turn, a glimpse of the huge announcements to expect at the event!
      [[File:Toonfest2018 header.png|thumb|center|500px]]
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' color=black size=5>The Importance of ToonFest</font>
      :We've hosted a real-world ToonFest event for the past three years, with ToonFest at ReplayFX 2018 being our fourth event. Some players ask us, "Why put so much time into ToonFest? What's so special about it?"
      :This is a good question -- after all, ToonFest costs thousands of dollars to put on and takes an incredible amount of work to plan and organize! There's a reason why we've done this every year, however, and anyone who has ever attended ToonFest knows exactly why: ''It keeps Toontown alive in a way that we could never achieve online.''
      :There's something really special about getting a bunch of Toontown players all in one place! The sheer amount of excitement, celebration, and downright fun that we have at ToonFest every year energizes the players and staff alike, and catches the attention of people even outside of the Toontown community.
      :Think about it: Hundreds of people spend hundreds of dollars to travel and attend an event hosted for a game that was supposed to have closed 5 years ago. That is ''INCREDIBLE!'' We've been emphasizing Toontown's Toontastic community a lot this week, and the success of ToonFest is the single greatest testament to just how great you guys are. 
      Not convinced that you should get excited about ToonFest yet? Let us tell you more about what makes this year special!
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' color=black size=5>New Activities and Collectibles</font>
      :We've been putting a lot of thought into how to make this year's ToonFest a blast ''(or, in some cases, a '''{{Plainlink| SPLAT}}'''!)'' In addition to all of the great gaming activities that ReplayFX has, Toontown will have plenty of activities of our own such as Game Stations, Competitions, Arts & Crafts, a Pie Toss, and more!
      :A huge part of ToonFest is also meeting other players and the Toontown Team, who are super eager to meet you as well! Rumor has it that two certain ''special guests'' are making a return, too... Can you guess who?
      :Of course, one of the coolest parts of ToonFest is all of the free stuff you get to take home with you. In fact, we've got a special sneak peek of one of our collectibles this year in the image on the right! That's right -- everyone who attends ToonFest will get to take home an exclusive Toontown Mousepad, in addition to plenty of other goodies that we're saving as a surprise!
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' color=black size=5>Our Biggest Project to Date</font>
      :ToonFest isn't all about the fun and games -- but we'll admit, that is a ''really'' fun part of it. In addition to the activities at the Toontown Rewritten booth, we host a Main Event every year to announce what we've been working on. Sometimes, like last year's reveal of v2.0.0, this results in brand new gameplay that you can actually play for the first time at ToonFest!
      :We're going to let you in on a secret: The content we've shown you this week ''isn't'' the biggest thing we've been working on recently. In fact, '''the biggest project that we've EVER created will be seen for the first time at ToonFest.''' That's a big secret we just told you!
      :Until then, our lips are sealed! You'll have to "Toon" into ToonFest to see for yourself.
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' color=black size=5>Bringing the Fun Back Home</font>
      :Hopefully by now, you're as excited for ToonFest as we are. We understand, though, that some of you who live too far away from Pittsburgh, PA may be feeling a bit down that you can't join in on the fun. ''That's why we're bringing the fun back home to you!''
      :'''This year, we're doing more than ever to get players who can't attend ToonFest involved.''' With more Livestreams, more Social Media coverage, and more activities going on in-game -- you'll feel like you're really there!
      :Toontown's community spans all across the world, and we want to celebrate with ALL of you -- not just the ones who can make it in person.
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' color=black size=5>Watch Our Live Preview</font>
      :Thanks for sticking with us through this series of Backstage Posts! We've got more blog posts coming every day this week to celebrate Toontown's 15th Birthday, leading up to our official '''{{Plainlink| Toontown Team Livestream}}''' on ''Saturday at 1:00 PM Toontown Time (PST).''
      :This Livestream will feature a bit of Q&A, just to give you a taste of our big Q&A with the entire team that's happening at ToonFest! 
      :If you're ready to hop on the hype train and ride over to Pittsburgh, PA -- check out the '''{{Plainlink| ToonFest Page}}''' of our website to learn more about the event and purchase tickets.
      :Stay TOONed -- we'll see you on Saturday!
      Here you are, Dynaboom.
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    • There is so much I would like to tell you in secret. But Wikia doesn't seem to have a Direct Message system and it sounds like you don't have a Discord. Message Walls are pretty public, even if I were to run it through a Caesar Cipher.

      Sorry for reopening the Live! Chat and then not having enough time to actually chat with you. I don't think I've been able to guide you as I would have liked. The lack of communication is probably the only reason you aren't an admin right now.

      So here's my workaround.

      I can give you access to the News Blogs (2020) page. Not the 2019 one nor previous ones, just the 2020 page. Just say the word and I'll make it happen (probably within 24 hours of your comment).

      That way, you can help us out by adding those 2020 blog posts and learn the formatting tricks if there's anything about them you don't know yet.

      If things get out of hand (even if it's not your fault), I can change it back to remove your access.

      I haven't had as much time for Toontown stuff as usual, but I think I can fix the Juggling Cubes/Juggling Balls thing today and do some work on those blog posts.

      Thank you for your edits on the Wiki.

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    • Sounds like a plan.

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    • Access granted.

      How you use its power is up to you...

      Do not forget your dreams...

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    • Thank you very much. I must use it wisely.

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    • Holy Toledo! Didn't expect you to finish those blogs so soon! Thank you.

      I think I'll have time to double check your work during the weekend, but at first glance it looks really nice.

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    • Thank you very much, Dynaboom.

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    • I noticed that the link in one of the blogs is a ZIP file. The link location is:

      How should it look in the wikitexts?

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    • Sorry for the delayed reply.

      Oh, THAT blog post.

      I guess you could either have the Wiki blog link to the file on the TTR website, or find a fancy way to upload it to the Wiki and have the Wiki blog link to that.

      Just gonna figure out how a picture can link to something by looking at the Template:Cogs code.

      Ok, add
      near the end of the picture's code. If you leave it blank, clicking on the picture will do nothing (which CAN be useful). If you add a URL to it, then the pic will link to that.

      Digging through the source code of the blog post, the picture actually uses a "tittle". Luckily I used this four other times before on the 2019 blogs page, so I got some notes on how do to it there. I guess it functions kinda like a tooltip in a videogame.

      For reference, this is from news item 542.

      :Some elephant-brained Toons may recall the <span title="Silly Street's Fire Hydrant Fiasco">{{Plainlink| Hydrant Hijinks of April Toons' Week}}</span> last year. This occurrence was no mere coincidence. In fact, the Silly Levels of the fittingly named Silly Street were higher than normal! This caused an incredibly silly reaction, '''a Fire Hydrant sprung to life!'''

      Ew. That code looks prettier when it's not all on one line. :P

      Anywho, here's the code for that picture.

      <span title="">[[File:19-4-29_messymemos.png|thumb|center|500px|link=]]</span>
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    • So, what did you think of my work?

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    • Until I can access the other news blogs, here's another code for you:

      Posted by '''Lord Lowden Clear''' on ''April 29, 2019 at 4:00 PM''
      :Good afternoon, Toons. Lord Lowden Clear of the Toon Resistance here. As of late, things have been relatively quiet on the Cog front. Besides a few {{Plainlink| brief acts of retaliation}} after the launch of Loony Labs' incredible Silly Meter, the upper management of Cogs, Inc. has been silent on the matter... ''Or so we thought.''
      :Months ago, {{Plainlink| the Toon Resistance intercepted a Cog Memo}} directly from the fabled Cog Nation itself. However, the Cogs have wised up to our past antics, and the layer of encryption has been too tough to crack. Thanks to some gossip overheard from a Name Dropper, we have reason to believe that this memo is even more important than we originally anticipated. We've had our finest Resistance Rangers looking into deciphering the Cog-speak, but very little has come of their research.
      :I expressed our conundrum at the Toon Council meeting last week, and it was then that Doctor Surlee came up with another one of his brilliant ideas: What if the Toons of Toontown could assist with decoding this memo? After all, many dedicated Toons keenly decoded the difficult puzzles of Doctor Fissionton. One thing is certain though... ''we must take action before the Cogs can bring their plans to completion.''
      <span title="">[[File:19-4-29_messymemos.png|thumb|center|500px|link=]]</span>
      :You can take a peek at our current progress in decoding the Cog Memo by clicking on the preview above. If you're knowledgeable about the most puzzling parts of Toontown, then the Toon Resistance needs your help! Grab some friends and try your hand at decoding the memo.
      :In the meantime, the Toon Resistance has already begun planning our next course of action. The final kinks in our plans are still being worked out, but rest assured that when the time comes, the Toon Resistance will be calling upon all of Toontown for assistance.
      <div style="text-align:right;">'''Lord Lowden Clear'''</div>
      <div style="text-align:right;">Leader of the Toon Resistance</div>
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    • Ah yes. This seems to be much easier when you have access to the Preview button. I uploaded and fixed that blog you just gave me and looked at the last two blogs of Jan 2020.

      I'm impressed you actually went and added the top Toons from the beginning of the year. I would have told you to avoid it because it's too much work, but you got through it! Someone might be able to edit the border of it to be blue later... Still looks nice.

      It looks like you tried to upload a video that already exists and created a duplicate. I'll be deleting the duplicate. That may be the main mistake you can learn from here. If it ends in -0 or -1, then it might have already existed on the Wiki.

      For that yellow button thing, I had some help from SaturdayNight. Using code from the "Maintop" template, we can pretty much put buttons like that anywhere we want. I just removed the "width" so they wouldn't look so thin.

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    • Thanks for letting me know if the video I seek has already been uploaded. I'll check this wiki to see if the images or videos I need already exist.

      Oh, and I just wanted to know how often you're on this wiki.

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    • For the last month or so, I haven't been on the Wiki very much. Been doing a lot of non-Toontown stuff.

      I sometimes edit on the weekends, but I also use that time to relax and rest. I've felt the need to rest a lot more recently. Sorry.

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    • All the more reason I ought to help you out there. Does anyone else think I should be promoted to administrator?

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    • Hey, Zany, I think the "Clothing" template is broken. The images are not appearing in them. (eg. Holiday Scarf Shirt)

      Do you know what's going on with them?

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    • I'm not sure what the problem is. I'd just use the "Item" template in its place.

        Loading editor
    • Well if you don't know what's up with the template, then I'll just revert to Manulik's last edit.

      Looks like some sort of automatic tool was used to change the code, probably to be mobile friendly except without the functionality.

      It used to actually have a field showing "Image Size" and right next to it, would list "100". Guess its purpose got lost in translation.

      I think all the pages that used that template are fixed now.

      Manulik likes to use the title for the... object, and use that exact string of characters to point to a filename.

      This became an issue for the "Toon profile" template recently when Juggling Balls was renamed to Juggling Cubes and the file for "Juggling Balls Icon.png" was deleted.

      Sometimes the problem can be fixed by editing the template. Sometimes you have to edit something the template points to instead.

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      Is this thing on?

      I really wanted you to get a Discord for better communication. ( ) Not just with me, but a few other Admins here. Maybe even a PR guy or an artist from TTR every once in a blue moon.

      I get that you might not wanna sign up for something. It took a while for me to join. I'm kinda bad at signing up for new things.

      But if you won't Discord, then tell me what new thing I need to join so we can have conversations in secret. If I see you have something in your teeth, I don't want everyone on the street to hear me say it.

      Speaking of secrets.

      krsh wklv cdqb phvvdjh ilqgv brx zhoo.

      rqh zdb zh frxog frppxqlfdwh lv wkurxjk phvvdjh zdoov rq d gliihuhqw zlnl.

      ru zh frxog xvh hqfubswhg phvvdjhv olnh wklv, r cdqbqhvv. zrqghu li udqgr'p dsrvwurskhv zrxog wuls shrsoh xs... wkdw pljkw eh ixq. khkh.

      I'll be in Live! Chat today. Please speak with me if you get the chance.

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    • I set up a Discord account so I could join the Toontown Partner Program.

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    • Oh that's fantastic! :D

      Please send me your username and Discord ID (ex. username#1234). Either on my message wall or in Live! Chat while I'm still there.

      The Toontown Rewritten Wiki Discord is invite-only for the moment so I can send you an invite and get you started.

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    • ZanyDragon, we would like to invite you to the partner program! I @'ed you on Discord with further information.

      We would like you to check in to Discord more often. It makes it easier to communicate with the other Wiki admins. And if something important happens, one of us might ping you to get your attention.

      Thank you for all you've done to help our Toontown Rewritten Wiki and the Toontown community!

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    • I accept your invitation.

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    • A FANDOM user
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