• Hi SaturdayNight!

    I reckon we ought to have a template for the ToonTasks. How does this look for a template?


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    • I think this will do. Only thing I'd suggest is changing neighborhood to playground. Are you sure that's the order of how the syntaxes should be?

      With this in mind, I do have a couple questions to ask you:

      • Are you interested in revamping the entire ToonTask template and make it look nicer while updating every ToonTask page?
      • Should ToonTasks associated with the playgrounds be organized as subpages of the main "[Playground name] ToonTasks" page? (i.e. Toontown Central ToonTasks/Medium Pouch (25 gags)). OR, should the ToonTasks be their own separate pages and contain the word "ToonTask" with a colon at the beginning of the title? (i.e. ToonTask:Medium Pouch (25 gags)).
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    • I am interested in revamping the ToonTask template. And yes, I think "playground" looks much nicer. The part with the description is the type of task (visit, assist, defeat, and so on) and should be in the Minnie typeface (one of the typefaces used in the actual game.

      As for that last question...I'm feeling indecisive. I'm not sure which one would look better.

      I'd probably have to show you to explain some of the details.

      How the description should look

      This is where I found this typeface:

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    • Sounds good. Let me know when you have more details to offer about the revamp. I guess we can figure out what to do with the ToonTask pages when that time comes.

      Also, off topic but I'd like to remind you to abide by the capitalization rule documented in our Manual of Style. All pages (and categories) must be subjected to sentence-case unless there is a proper noun or exceptions are made. In this particular case for why I am writing out this message, I suggest ridding of the "Race Tracks" category that you recently created, and create a new one titled "Race tracks". There are plenty of other categories that are unfortunately not following the rule and have been left sitting on pages for awhile, so work will need to be done on that as well.

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    • It would be great if we could rename the categories.

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    • If only that was possible, my friend. It's a shame that it isn't.

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    • Well, a user named SilverFlight has managed to rename categories on the Disney Wiki. Maybe we should ask her how it's done.

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    • Ask her how they implemented category renaming on the Disney Wiki.

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    • I'm on it.

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    • I came across several toontask templates that haven't been used. And instead of the many varying templates, I reckon there ought to be one simplified template for the varying toontasks.

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    • Remember that custom styling does not affect the mobile version of Wikia. So to make ToonTask info accessible to people who browse using their phone as well, i'd recommend first considering how you'd like the design of the template to look for people who use mobile devices, and building the "advanced" design on top of that- this way, if desktop view isn't used, the reader would see the template in its "basic" form.
      Otherwise, in the worst case scenario, people who use mobile would see a single line of text saying:

      VISIT Flippy Toon Hall Playground Toontown Central Reward: Loony Labs Shirt

      Which kinda looks weird.

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    • Thank goodness for the preview option.

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    • A FANDOM user
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