• Greetings! It has been awhile since I would send a message to one's message wall, but we need to discuss Trolley games.

    As shown in my latest edit to the Cog Thief page, I changed up quite a few things. What I want to discuss, however, are the two templates: Trolley and Trolley-bot debug mode.

    • Good news for the Trolley template! There is now an "icon" syntax where you can add the icon image representing the respective Trolley game straight into the template itself rather than within a gallery section.
    • "Meh" news for the Trolley-bot debug mode template. The template is great and all, but I think it's missing something important. An average user, especially new Toontown players, would not understand what in the name of Doctor Surlee this unfamiliar red message on top of the page is saying. It would be ever so grateful if you could implement a way to show indication of where the message came from for our users to look over and read about, similar to how our handy-dandy Quote template works. Perhaps this will guide users through the Template:Trolley-bot debug mode page that you worked hard on, or an ARG page (specifically ARG: Call Log in the case of Trolley games).

    Anyways, I think that's about it. See you soon.

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    • Greetings! Yes, it has been quite a while.

      Thanks for sprucing up the "Trolley" template. Looks nicer with a Trolley Tracks icon.

      I guess it has been a while since that ARG. As much as I like it to look super close to the game and add to the mystery, it would probably be way better with a link to an explanation. Since I'm picky about changes to the template, I was gonna link those people to the "ARG: Call Log" page, but it doesn't explain everything. Not one of my best pages...

      Ya know I could probably add extra functionality to the notification too. I could have two tabs at the top so I could display two different possible messages. I remember the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia (The SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki at the time?) has a bunch of tabs so I could look at their syntax.

      I also found some random coding on the Gravity Falls Wiki that might simplify things too. It should run the result every time it's viewed instead of the current method where it cashes some number from the page view.

      If I combine those two ideas, people should be able to see a new result every time they want to.

      Well, that's the plan, anyway.

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    • Didn't work 100% as planned. Only one random message per page load, unless someone wants to add "?action=purge" to their URL.

      With two tabs, I could have had two different messages, but without the possibility of infinite retries on the message it wasn't worth it. I scrapped the tabs idea.

      I used the Gravity Falls Wiki "Random Quote" template to figure out how to use the <choose> and <option> wikitext.

      Then I used the {{Main}} template to link to "ARG: Call Log".

      I'm sure I either told you or you've seen it, but I wanted to have it in writing here too.

      Super functional! Kinda pretty... Good enough for today.

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