• Hello,

    Recently, I showed you an image of a row of Skelecogs (Which turned out to be from TTO, from the Nutty River district.) I asked you if you got it from TTO or TTR but you did not comply. Also, from the fact that you carried on editing and commenting, I think you ignored me. If you confessed about getting it from TTO, I would be completly fine with it. You have been on this Wiki for two months, you should of been aware of the rules.

    Please do not use TTO images on TTR wikia again. You have been blocked before, save yourself from another block.

    NOTE: Do not delete this message.

    UrbanPie (profile|talk|blogs|edits) 20:33, April 20, 2018 (UTC)

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    • I'm very sorry about what I did. I didn't ignore you I just didn't notice you were talking to me.

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    • ...You was ignoring me, if you are using Wikia's current format (Not Monobook) you could of easily seen the message since the speech bubble would of had an one next to it. It doesn't help your case because you took long to also respond to this message while you kept on editing. Plus I put this message on your wall, so it was directed to you. Lying would just put you into a deeper hole than you would of been if you admitted. 

      Why upload an image from TTO, through?

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    • I've never used Wikia's current format.

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    • Even with Monobook (Which I doubt as you didn't refer to Wikia's old format by that) the top right corner has a "Notifications" in blue bold text with a number on it, depending on how much unread messages you have.

      Why did you upload an image from TTO Wikia? You've been using this Wiki for three months, you should be aware about the Plagiarism and Media/Image Policy by now. So... why did you upload a picture from TTO Wiki?

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    • I'm sorry I didn't notice it was from TTO.

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    • Alright, I had enough of this. You should of clearly known it was takened from TTO, if you had it from your old TTO folder then you should of realised that. If you took it from TTO wiki, then... considering you've been a member for three months and if you DID take it from TTO wiki then you should of known about the plagiarism rules.

      Considering that you not only tried to dodge this message with lies (You saying that you wasn't aware this and that message was directed to you... despite it being on your wall), took a long time to respond to my first message of this Thread(More than two weeks) and you've been blocked before... I'm going to land the ban hammer on you. You could of just admitted that you got it from TTO when I gave you this message... but you didn't, you had to ignore it and carry on your editing. When I gave you this message, if you said within the 20th - 27th of April that you was sorry, this wouldn't of happened.

      I didn't want to do this but you gave me no choice.

      Reflect on what you done and please don't do this again.

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    • A FANDOM user
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