• Why did you undo my edits on Parties?

    UrbanPie (profile|talk|blogs|edits)

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    • Neither of those words should be capitalized, and I purposely used '<nowiki>' so 'Toontown Rewritten' could be italicized and linked without italicizing the apostrophe and the letter 's'.

      I've also noticed that you've been changing links to where there is not an 's' at the end of a word in singular form that is paired with brackets. Here is an example. Is there a reason for that? 

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    • Yeah, it's so much easier just saying [[ToonTask]]s instead of [[ToonTask|ToonTasks]].

      Looking at that (oldid=84112) Parties edit though... to be fair, he did capitalize the word "Doodle".

      Recently, I've been part of a not-so-covert mission to find a Doodle like my old TTO one, and when I stop talking to the Clerk, I keep hearing

      "Remember, if you see a Doodle you like, make sure to adopt him before someone else does!"

      I know that's just one place, but I see it like 6 times a day repeated over... roughly 15 days?

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    • Oh, I do that because I think that ToonTasks looks less professional than ToonTasks

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    • Uh, you linked to the same redirect twice. Don't mean to dog-pile, but are you using the Visual Editor? I've been using the Source Editor, so we might just be looking at it differently. The Visual Editor is usually too picky for my tastes. Handy for starting tables though.

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    • I swear... I did Toontask with an black s.

      All of my life, I've been using the Visual Editor. 

      Let me try again... I've seen pages with ToonTask s (With no space) instead of Toontasks.

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