• I was reading through the TTR Wiki policies, and I'd like to first say great work on perfecting these articles – I assume it was you. However, I did come across a change I'd like to see made. It's not necessarily a "policy" per say, but a how-to.

    On Toontown Rewritten Wiki:Manual of Style, under Links, there really should be an explanation as to how to properly pluralize or possess words. Something along the lines of
    "The [[cat]]s are going to [[Flippy]]'s house."
    Rather than
    "The [[Cat|cats]] are going to [[Flippy|Flippy's]] house."
    I'll leave it up to you as to whether the "'s" should be linked or not. Either is alright with me. It also might be worth mentioning that categories are link through the method:

    Also, under Templates, I would like to recommend adjusting "The prefix Template: is unnecessary when using braces ({{ }})." to "The prefix Template: is unnecessary and should not be used when using braces ({{ }})." The line "Categories that are automatically added from the template should not be added again on the article itself." states an issue that I strongly disagree with: categories should never be built into templates, aside from stubs or very specific instances.

    I didn't want to accidentally jump into a project and mess anything up, so I wanted to just drop these suggestions here. Thanks.

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    • Yo, it's been awhile. I have not made any changes to the Manual of Style page, but I agree with what you're suggesting, so feel free to edit if you want. I'll edit the page if you don't get around to doing it. I did, however, edit the policy to change up a lot of the wording and add a few more bulletins.

      You'll also notice a lot of customization changes. For the wiki wordmark, I wanted to try something new by using this icon that Joey happily offered me. I really like how this turned out, but the wordmark is unfortunately stretched out horribly on the chat. It's a shame because I will likely revert back to our ordinary wordmark for that reason, but I don't think it matters for now since no one uses the chat. Perhaps you may know a way to fix that.

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    • I can try to get to that soon.

      As for the wiki word mark... Have you tried making a larger file, placing the eyes in it, and then using that image? Essentially it works like: "File size = 'Maximum word mark length x Height of the eye image" then center the eyes on the file.

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    • It would probably be best for you to try and fix the wordmark since I don't know how. Also, the color of the NPC template for Acorn Acres needs fixing, which you can see what it looks like here. I guess this is because Acorn Acres never had any NPCs until Fisherman Nutty was implemented.

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    • I actually remember setting the colors to red and blue... but I can't remember why. What should they be? Green?

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    • Probably the same color as this one from the playground template. ToonFest is already in green, but maybe that would look better in red (since there had been a lot of red colors in the ToonFest tower, hot air balloon, etc). ToonFest should also be changed to Event Grounds since we don't have a page titled ToonFest.

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