• Hey there, ZootVine.

    Lately you've been adding Categories to Pages that don't really belong. Like (oldid=75300) Head Shrink isn't actually a Cog, nor is it a Bossbot. I might be removing that from a lot of those Pages.

    I was going to say we also don't usually put Pages in Categories with the same name, but Walrus Way has been in the "Walrus Way" Category for a while now, and Loopy Lane has been in the "Loopy Lane" Category for a while too. I might be leaving those alone for now.

    I remember I was going to make new experimental Categories, but instead of putting their main Pages in them, I was told I had to say "See Also:" and add a link to the Category. Linking them like that got kinda irritating. Most of those experimental Categories didn't really go anywhere though. I wonder if they changed their minds.

    So I saw you were adding Categories where they don't belong a while ago, but decided I'd wait a day til I had time to actually change a lot of those Pages. It's now been two or three days and I still haven't made time for it. So, sorry for waiting this long to tell you.

    Thanks for making edits to our Toontown Rewritten Wiki. :) Oh and thanks for fixing the spelling on (oldid=73649) Crazy Neddieslam's Template. I don't think I caught that before.

    Have a nice day!

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    • Thank you for alerting me to this. I'll try to undo some of those categories. :)

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    • So after I made that first post on this Thread, I took a closer look at those Pages and your edits. Turns out you put more work into the Pages than just adding Categories. More work than I noticed at first. Thank you. And the newer edits where you took away some of those Categories that didn't apply look good too.

      Good job, and thanks again. :)

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