• I have a task to deliver a clothing ticket, and the reward is a clothing ticket.  I know that to get a clothing ticket, I need to finish a task with a clothing ticket as a reward, but I can't do my task without a ticket.  And I can't quit my task, so basically, I'm stuck!  Any help out there?

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    • Is this a Just For Fun task?

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    • I think so, yes

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    • If it is a Just for Fun task, which can be identified by a blue tag on the Toontask scroll, it should be able to be deleted. 

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    • Actually, I think it gives you a ticket when it's green and it says "Completed", but you need to use the ticket so the ToonTask doesn't show up in that ToonTask slot anymore. You might have to shop in the Playground your ToonTasks are coming from.

      If you have 18 Laff and you're working on TTC Tasks, then you can probably only shop in TTC with the ticket. If you've got 88 Laff and you're working on Donald's Dreamland Tasks, then you can probably only shop in the DDL Clothing Shop with that ticket. If you're done with all the Playgrounds, you should be able to shop anywhere.

      ...Or you could delete the Just for Fun ToonTask. Kind of a waste though.

      Now-a-days we don't even need Clothing Tickets. We can just buy clothes from the Tailors by using our Jellybeans.

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