• Hey, I saw you replaced the pictures on the Polar Place, Walrus Way, and Sleet Street Pages.

    When you say your "updating" a picture, are you saying that we should replace all the street and building pictures if they're a year old? (I hope not. That sounds like a lot of work. :P) Hoping you have different reasons for this.

    Personally, I like my old pictures a little bit better. You could see the top and bottom of the tunnel, and it had some screenshot metadata. (Seems like the words on the sign are a bit clearer in your pictures though.)

    By the way, I really like the picture change on the Clerk Clara Page. Was a little weird to have her talking in that last picture. Nice job with that one. :)

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    • I think he just meant that he was replacing all those pictures with better quality. If you liked your pictures a little bit better, do you think you could upload png pictures with metadata? We don't necessarily always need png pictures, but quite a few jpg pictures on several articles don't look that great.

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    • The whole point of the metadata saying what District, Zone, and version of TTR I was running was to prove my picture was legit in less than 12,000 characters. And TTR hasn't had the ability to take PNG "screenshots" (with the F9 button) since Alpha when they tried it, something went wrong, and they stopped it.

      JPGs can still look good though. I still like File:Cool Cat Hats.jpg and File:The Dreamland Screening Room.jpg.

      PNGs CAN have metadata though. Pretty sure any format could have metadata. But you would have to tamper with a PNG to give it the same TTR in-game metadata.

      Datuntek, if you think my picture was worse, then tell me why. Is there anything else I could do with the camera angle or the window size? It's advice I could use for future pictures. :D

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    • I was just updating pictures so that they can be clearer and easier to focus on what the article is about. I changed some pictures because I would like the articles to have a nice and clean quality image to go along with it. I apologize if if this is a problem and will stop doing it if thats the case. 

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    • That should be perfectly fine. 

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    • I guess it's not a problem, but I was worried it was going to become one. I didn't want to have to replace the super good pictures.

      Now that you explained yourself, I feel like I snapped at you for almost no reason. Your Clerk Clara picture was better in almost every way, but the street pictures for the Brrrgh weren't like that. Some parts were better, some were worse. Plus, I consider that Polar Place picture one of MY first really great street pictures.

      I think I'll put my picture back in the template, but make a new Gallery at the bottom of the pages for your pictures. Because those pictures are still pretty good, and you probably worked hard on them.

      You COULD replace old pictures that aren't quite up to snuff, but I'm pretty sure there's still a lot of building pages without any pictures at all.

      By the way, full screen pictures would be nice in a gallery section, but it isn't always the best in templates. Take a look at Affordable Goosebumps (I took the picture for it), and then take a look at Fisherman Nutty (I took a picture, then X Jumper took a better one). Buildings and fishermen just have different needs.

      The size ratio of buildings and shopkeeper pictures that I take resemble a square kinda, but if I take pictures of Fishermen, it'll resemble a rectangle. I would make the size ratio like Jumper's Fisherman Nutty picture, except bigger. As big as I can get it.

      I keep saying "size ratio" because I forget if there's a real word for that.  :P I guess this size ratio isn't mandatory, but every little bit helps.

      By the way, I know I said I didn't like the idea of redoing all the good pictures... But then there's the Toontown Retextured Project. Boy, talk about disruptive technology! I think it would be worth taking secondary pictures for this. I'd still want to keep the old "Nostalgic" Pictures, but the new ones will probably look super awesome! (Wonder how this is going to work in the Wiki...)

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    • I prefer the new street images as the light posts are distracting and shouldn't be part of the image anyways. It's also in a better angle.

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    • I guess I can see that. Especially with the light posts on the older Polar Place picture.

      Alright, I put my old pictures at the bottom of the Pages. After reading Bermuda's comment, I think the Page actually looks better than it did before your pictures were in the templates. Thanks for adding them to the Wiki. :)

      Oh I think I'll link to the Polar Place Page, the Walrus Way Page, and the Sleet Street Page for easy browsing.

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    • I appreciate the feedback and will try to keep these things in mind as I start editing more articles and stuff like that. Sorry again if I caused any trouble.

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    • Oh, I almost forgot! I have another trick I don't think I've shared with you yet.

      By changing the camera angle, you can give viewers a general idea of where to find the thing you're taking a picture of.

      It gives them just a little bit more context.

      It's not always useful, and it's not always good, but in the right situations, it can still be awesome!

      It's probably useless for most of the Toon buildings on streets, but it seems to work really nice with street tunnels. I think I did this with the pictures for the Donald's Dreamland street tunnels.

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    • Hey, Datuntek, I saw you made an edit to the "Tightwad" Page. And your "Tightwad2.png" picture looks a lot like the TTO Wiki's "Cbtightwad.png".

      You didn't take it from the TTO Wiki, did you?

      (You also submitted "Pincher.png", but that one looks absolutely fine. Not from the TTO Wiki, as far as I can tell.)

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    • I actually took a screenshot and made it transparent myself, I take no images from other places.

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    • Ah ok. Cool.

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    • I noticed you updated the pictures in some of the Cog templates, and that's cool, but when you do that, could you please move the old picture to the Gallery section?

      Doomsday pictures are hard to come by, and I'm assuming the picture in the template is the best one we had on hand at the time.

      You did it with the Yesman and Flunky Pages, but I've already gone back and re-added the pictures. I didn't do this with the Pencil Pusher picture though because it's called "Toontown_Online_Pencil_Pusher.png". Very suspicious... I'll have to look into that later. (Though, it DOES look nice to just have a picture of a Cog standing. Spices things up a little.)

      As always, thanks for updating our pictures. Your new ones look nice. :)

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    • By the way, that "Toontown_Online_Pencil_Pusher.png" image you replaced was taken from another Wiki. You guessed it, the YouTube Wiki. (wait, what? lol) There, it's called "Toontown Online Pencil Pusher.png" too.

      The "Toontown United" Wiki (guess that's a new Wiki) has a similar picture called "Pencilpusheridle.png", but it's bigger, has more blank white space, and he doesn't have the Bossbot symbol on his chest.

      The YouTube Wiki got it in 2012, the Toontown United Wiki got a look-alike in 2014, and our Toontown Rewritten Wiki got it in 2015.

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    • Weird, huh. Its funny how it originated on the Youtube Wiki lol.

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    • Hey, where did you get the File:Mickey.png picture? I mean, you probably edited it yourself, but where did you get the initial picture?

      If it's a picture comes from Toontown Online, then I might mention it in the caption and stuff.

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    • I took it a long time ago when Toontown Online was still open.

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    • Ah, Sweet.

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    • A FANDOM user
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