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The Mingler
The Mingler
Basic information
Type: Sellbots
Lowest level: 7
Highest level: 11
Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

Mr. Hollywood

The Mingler is the seventh Cog on the Sellbots corporate ladder. Their level ranges from 7 to 11. They are building-only Cogs.

Starting Phrases

  • "Are you sure you're ready to mingle?"
  • "You don't know who you're mingling with."
  • "I'm going to mingle in your business."
  • "Ever mingle with the likes of me?"
  • "You're mingling with defeat."
  • "Let's mingle."
  • "This looks like a good place to mingle."
  • "Well, isn't this cozy?"
  • "Good, it takes two to mingle."

Cog Moves

  • Tee Off
  • Schmooze
  • Buzz Wordd
  • Power Trip
  • Paradign Shift


  • They are weak to birthday cakes.
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