The Great Snowball Fight is a special Twelve Days of Winter event in Toontown Rewritten that first occurred on December 27, 2013, which was hosted by Slappy. Slappy would stand in front of the Toon Hall offering Toons 25 snowballs when they walk up to him. Ever since Slappy's disappearance, Flippy continues the tradition of this event every year on December 26th in favor of Slappy and to make Christmas just as great as he did.


  • This was one of the few times that Slappy made an in-game appearance. The other time he made an appearance was to introduce Polar Bears and participate in the Toon Council Presidential Elections.
    • According to Slappy, he never intended to host snowball fights, but because of the blizzard dilemma caused by Lil Oldman, he needed to find a way to keep Toons silly.
  • The system used for the snowball fights are particularly similar to the final combat rounds in the Vice President and Chief Justice.
  • The snowballs involved in this event were never implemented in Toontown Online.
  • Unlike the first event where Toons would obtain snowballs directly from Slappy, there are now piles of snow scattered across every playground where snowballs can be picked up.
  • Ironically, the day this event occurs on December is the 26th, which is an anomaly caused by Doctor Surlee's time travel.