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The Chairman
Basic information
Type: Supervisor
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Strongest attack: N/A
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Director of Ambush Marketing

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The Chairman is rumored to be the boss and leader of all Cogs, who was first mentioned by the Director of Ambush Marketing during Doomsday. In a document issued to "Sellbot Department 18-A", the Chairman stated that he plans to offer Mover & Shakers "quality offices" for their exceptional work provided towards Doomsday. Although it has been confirmed that the Chairman exists in Toontown Rewritten's storyline, it is unknown when the Chairman will actually make an appearance within the game.


  • On April 19, 2014, during Doomsday, the Director of Ambush Marketing said "The Chairman won't be happy until you are."
  • On April 26, 2014, the Chairman's memo addressed to a "Sellbot Department 18-A" was shown, congratulating all the Cogs for their work and promising the Mover & Shakers their own quality offices.
  • The Chairman somehow retrieved Doctor Surlee's blueprint of the Portable Hole Network to use as evidence against him in his trial on June 26, 2014. During the trial, the Chief Justice confirmed this to Surlee by saying " "The Chairman found quite a few things in that hunk of metal you call a 'Lab'".
  • On the image of the "Head Hunters Hunt for Team LHAAFBBHQ!" blog post from March 6, 2015, a Head Hunter says "The Chairman will not accept failure."
  • In a letter sent to the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Executive Officer stated that the Chairman has approved his manufacturing plans. This may confirm that the Chairman is in charge of all Cogs, including the bosses.

Name of origin

A Chairman is the presiding officer of a meeting, committee, board, etc..


  • Popular theories arose since Toontown Online such as:
    • The robot activated by Scrooge McDuck from the old installer video being the Chairman.
      • An illustration of a similar robot appears in all of Doctor Surlee's blueprints when pieced together.
    • The face statue from the Sellbot Factory being the Chairman.
    • The possibility of the Chairman residing in Cog Nation.
  • In Toontown Online, the Chief Executive Officer said this just before being defeated: "No! The Chairman won't like this!". In Toontown Rewritten, the Director of Ambush Marketing would be the first to mention the Chairman.
    • Several Cogs such as Name Droppers have mentioned the Chairman by saying "Even the Chairman knows my name". However, the phrase itself has been changed to only mention "the boss".
  • The Chairman has a MINGLERMAIL account.
  • In a MINGLERMAIL memo delivered to The Big Cheese by the Chairman, mentions about a certain duck were made, which may or may not be Slappy.
  • The Chairman could be located at the Executive Office Tower in Bossbot Headquarters. According to another MINGLERMAIL memo, it is known that an executive meeting at the Executive Office Tower was once initiated by the Chairman.
  • At OMG!Con 2015, it was confirmed that the Chairman will most likely make an appearance in the game.


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