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The Blizzard Wizard Building
The Blizzard Wizard
Basic information
Shopkeeper: Lil Oldman
Street: Walrus Way
Playground: The Brrrgh
Street Map Walrus Way

The Blizzard Wizard is a Toon Building in The Brrrgh on Walrus Way. Lil Oldman is the shop's owner, and he offers what is widely considered to be arguably the hardest ToonTask in the game.


  • Lil Oldman was a member of the Toon Council in Toontown Online. It is believed that he continues to remain part of the Toon Council.
  • Lil Oldman is a five star Lure SOS that Toons can earn randomly from the Vice President. Though Lil Oldman speaks in a sage-like tone via blog posts on the Toontown Rewritten website, he speaks like any other shopkeeper in the Vice President battle.
  • Ironic as it sounds, the Talking Toad required to complete Lil Oldman's ToonTask can be obtained very easily in the pond next to The Blizzard Wizard, despite its low chance of being found elsewhere.[citation needed]


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