Serial Suit
#0045 --

―an excerpt from Call Log


This specific ARG (Alternate Reality Game) began with the March 26, 2014 blog post.

(127) Call Log (3-26 19:40) from LL-TERMINAL43
Posted by FX-CLIENT0001-HOME on March 26, 2014 07:45 PM

The following release notes from the update states:

March 26, 2014 [ttr-alpha-g6dd31e9]
• Issued recall on Trolley-bots

What happened in the update was that Doctor Surlee forgets to turn off the Trolley-bot's debug mode and asks Sir Max to deactivate them. Then Doctor Surlee faxes a blueprint of The Manufacturing Machine to Sir Max at his house, but then Sir Max says that a Telemarketer (Cog) was the one who installed the fax machine. Because of that, Doctor Surlee tells him to unplug everything at his house until he can get there.


When the update was around, the notifications can only appear in these Trolley games where Cogs (formerly known as "Trolley-bots") are present.

In Toontown Rewritten, Doctor Surlee manufactured "Trolley-bots" for Robot Thief, then later dubbed them Cogs as they invaded the Toon Council Presidential Elections to which it became Doomsday.


All possible messages

Order DS-DEBUG Serial/Suit Hex Message
1DS-DEBUG1:Serial Suit#0043 --METHOD
2DS-DEBUG1:Serial Suit#0052 --USED
3DS-DEBUG1:Serial Suit#0045 --IS
4DS-DEBUG1:Serial Suit#0041 --THE
5DS-DEBUG1:Suit Serial#0054 --SAME
6DS-DEBUG1:Serial Suit#0049 --AS
7DS-DEBUG1:Serial Suit#004E --LAST
8DS-DEBUG1:Suit Serial#0047 --TIME
9DS-DEBUG2:Serial Suit#0045 --ALL
10DS-DEBUG2:Serial Suit#0051 --RECORDS
11DS-DEBUG2:Suit Serial#0055 --EXPUNGED
12DS-DEBUG2:Serial Suit#0049 --FURTHER
14DS-DEBUG2:Serial Suit#0045 --WILL
15DS-DEBUG2:Serial Suit#004E --BE
16DS-DEBUG2:Serial Suit#0054 --NECESSARY

When the Toontown community pieced together all the debug messages in the correct order (with the help of community manager, Sir Max), it formed two sentences.

"Method used is the same as last time
All Records Expunged, Further Investigation Will Be Necessary

How the template works

This template uses <choose></choose> and <option></option> to randomly choose a message from the 16 available options.

The output for all that code is put inside NotificationquoteLegacy001 to imitate how Toontown notifications look within the game (and how they looked during this Alternate Reality Game, when Toontown Rewritten was in Alpha).

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Originally Posted by joey19982 (Sir Max) on 03-31-2014 on the Serial Codes Thread
Originally Posted by Boota on 03-31-2014
Yeah. It's a terribly constructed device. An all-in-one machine is never a good idea.
The good or bad of an idea depends on the maker's purpose. It is one thing to undo a mistake, but fate cannot be altered.
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