This template is to be added to your personal user page that displays your Toon's statistics, such as laff, color, species, gags, Cog Disguises, and more.

User note

  • Doodles are not yet added to the template.


{{Toon profile
|gagless track=
|sell suit=
|sell level=
|cash suit=
|cash level=
|law suit=
|law level=
|boss suit=
|boss level=
|fish trophies=
|fish species=
|garden trophies=
|garden species=
|watering can=
|golf trophies=
|race trophies=
  • name = Your Toon's name
  • laff = Your laff points
  • color = Your Toon's color
  • species = Your Toon's species
  • image = An image of your Toon, leave blank if none (please only include the name and file type, for example: image.png or screenshot.jpg)
  • toonup = Your Toon-Up gag, leave blank if none
  • trap = Your Trap gag, leave blank if none
  • lure = Your Lure gag, leave blank if none
  • sound = Your Sound gag, leave blank if none
  • throw = Your Throw gag
  • squirt = Your Squirt gag
  • drop = Your Drop gag, leave blank if none
  • gagless track = The gag track your Toon did not choose or will not choose
  • organic = The gag track that is currently organic
  • sell | cash | law | boss suit = The Cog Disguise your Toon currently has
  • sell | cash | law | boss level = The level of the Cog Disguise your Toon currently has
  • fish trophies = The number of fishing trophies obtained
  • fish species = The number of fishing species caught
  • rod = The current fishing rod your Toon has
  • garden trophies = The number of gardening trophies obtained
  • garden species = The number of flower species gathered
  • shovel = The current shovel your Toon has
  • watering can = The current watering can your Toon has
  • golf trophies = The number of golfing trophies obtained
  • race trophies = The number of racing trophies obtained
  • kart = The current kart your Toon has

Sample usage

137 Laff Yellow Duck
Resistance Salute
High Dive Icon Presentation Icon Opera Singer Icon Wedding Cake Icon Geyser Icon Toontanic Icon
Organic track: Drop
Cog Disguises
Mr. Hollywood 50
Robber Baron 50
Big Wig 50
The Big Cheese 50
7/7 Trophies 70/70 Species
Gold Rod
4/4 Trophies 40/40 Species
Gold Shovel Huge Watering Can
30/30 Trophies
30/30 Trophies Roadster
{{Toon profile
|toonup=High Dive
|sound=Opera Singer
|throw=Wedding Cake
|gagless track=Trapless
|sell suit=Mr. Hollywood
|sell level=50
|cash suit=Robber Baron
|cash level=50
|law suit=Big Wig
|law level=50
|boss suit=The Big Cheese
|boss level=50
|fish trophies=7
|fish species=70
|garden trophies=4
|garden species=40
|watering can=Huge
|golf trophies=30
|race trophies=30

Notice the empty field in Trap. This indicates that the Toon is Trapless, and thus no image will appear in the Trap field.

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