Toontown Rewritten is open to all with Semi-Open Beta!
Enter PlayLine

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Scheledule PlayTime

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Redeem Beta Key

Beta Keys
By hopping onto the PlayLine, you'll be put into a queue to make sure that you can enter the game as soon as a slot is available.
It may take a while depending on how many people are in line, but once you reach the front you'll be able to play nonstop for the next three hours!
Scheduling a PlayTime is the most reliable way to get in game, and you don't even have to wait in line!
YOU get to pick the time and date to enter the game, and all you have to do is, well, show up. No lines necessary.
"Beta Keys" are a one-way ticket to enter the game any time you want without waiting in the PlayLine or scheduling a PlayTime! There are plenty of ways to earn Beta Keys -- the easiest one is by simply playing. When playing the game through a PlayTime session, Toon HQ will occasionally offer Beta Key ToonTasks to earn your very own key. They won't start appearing until you get to working in Daisy Gardens, so you'll have to work hard to get it!
Once you have earned a Beta Key, you can head over to the "Account" page to redeem it. Once you've redeemed it, you can open the launcher and play whenever you want! If you already have a key applied to your account, you can give it to a friend. It's easy as pie! There will be plenty of pies involved to get, too.
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