This Template is meant to reflect the style of in-game notifications from Toontown Rewritten Alpha and Beta. If the TTR notifications change, then please make the changes on Template:Notificationquote and not here.

Using The Template



Example 1 - No 3rd Option

{{NotificationquoteLegacy001|I said this|Me}}
I said this


Example 2 - No 2nd and 3rd Option

{{NotificationquoteLegacy001|Toontown is awesome!}}
Toontown is awesome!

Example 3 - All options

{{NotificationquoteLegacy001|Fish and Trolleys|User|The confused fisherman Toon}}
Fish and Trolleys

–User, The confused fisherman librarian Toon

To use this template, type in {{NotificationquoteLegacy001}}.

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