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Template documentation
This template is used as an infobox for Cogs, such as Mover & Shaker and Legal Eagle, to include basic information about each of the Cogs.
Type {{Cog}} at the top of an article. Include these parameters; if a parameter is left blank, the parameter will not be shown on the template. As such, below is a list of this template's parameters:
|cog name =
|image =
|type =
|llevel =
|hlevel =
|strongattack =
|weakattack =
|highdamage =
|lowdamage =
|location =
|precede =
|succeed =

The following is in-depth information on working with these parameters:

  • cog name - the name of the Cog
  • image - an image of the Cog (official images of the Cogs and bosses have been offered by Toontown Rewritten)
  • type - the Cog's type
  • llevel - the minimum Cog level
  • hlevel - the maximum Cog level
  • strongattack - the attack(s) which cause(s) the most maximum damage
  • weakattack - the attack(s) which cause(s) the least maximum damage
  • highdamage - the maximum damage of the strongest attack(s)
  • lowdamage - the minimum damage of the weakest attack(s)
  • location - the Cog's location (should only be used for bosses, such as Vice President)
  • precede - the Cog in the preceding corporate ladder, requires linking
  • succeed - the Cog in the succeeding corporate ladder, requires linking
Sample usage
Basic information
Type: Bossbots
Lowest level: 1
Highest level: 5
Attack information
Number of attacks: 3
Weakest attack: Clip on Tie
Strongest attack: Shred
Lowest damage: 1
Highest damage: 7
Average damage: 3.4
Statistics based on attack damage.
Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

Pencil Pusher

|type = Bossbots
|cog name = Flunky
|image = Cog-bossbot-flunky.png
|precede = None
|succeed = [[Pencil Pusher]]
|precedeimage = BossbotHD.png
|succeedimage = Cog-bossbot-pencilpusher.png
|llevel = 1
|hlevel = 5
|weakattack = Clip on Tie
|strongattack = Shred
|lowdamage = 1
|highdamage = 7
|numberofattacks = 3
|avgdamage = 3.4
Results are shown on the right: