Team LHAAFBBHQ (Let's Hunt Around And Find Bossbot HQ) was a group of four Toons that were appointed by Lord Lowden Clear to search for Bossbot Headquarters. Thanks to the team's brilliant minds, wacky actions, and unique ability, along with some assistance from members of the Toon Resistance, Toontown was kept in good hands. Team LHAAFBBHQ made their first debut in a mini-comic released by Toontown Rewritten before a series of blog posts were posted on the website.

After Team LHAAFBBHQ searched all over Toontown to find pieces of a peculiar picture that presented an exclusive look at the brand new Bossbot Headquarters, they were captured by the Bossbots and the location of Bossbot Headquarters was discovered sooner later. The Toon Resistance had searched in all key locations to find the missing Team LHAAFBBHQ, but their whereabouts continue to remain unknown. Rumor has it that Lord Lowden Clear had finally discovered the whereabouts of the team with the use of certain documents collected from the Chief Executive Officer.

The Team

15-2-16 captainrollie

Captain Rollie Dandysnooker
Captain Rollie, the fairly fearless leader and one-of-a-kind captain of Team LHAAFBBHQ, is the most "Toon Enough" Toon you could ask for when it comes to bravery and boldness. His lack of sound judgement and natural tendency to stumble across some of the kookiest adventures in Toontown put him as number one on Lord Lowden Clear's list of leaders for the Team!
15-2-16 colonelviolet

Colonel Violet Supergrooven
At the mere mention of Captain Rollie's second in command, Colonel Violet, the rattling of metal can be heard from miles away as the Cogs shake in their suits. Her pie throwing has been fine-tuned into a science, leaving some of the most powerful an accurate splats a Toon has ever thrown!
15-2-16 professor

Prof. Von Fumblesplat
Some say that The Professor has a few screws loose -- but this master of gag mayhem has a strategic mind like no other to formulate plans against whatever sinister machines the Team may encounter in their adventures.
15-2-16 sillylily

Silly Lily Gigglesnout
Rounding out the Team is our lady of Toontelligence extraordinaire, Silly Lily Gigglesnout. She may be a Toon of few words, but don't underestimate her knowledge of every gag, gear, and grin of both Cogs and Toons alike. Knowing every aspect of Toontown from the Central to the Headquarters, Silly Lily is the gal for whatever mysterious clues may appear in the Team's travels.

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