A street sign is an informational board that is displayed at each end of every street. Although street signs have existed since the beginning of Toontown Rewritten, it was only until an update released on May 2, 2019, the day Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters started, that they would begin to dynamically update.


Below are signs that have appeared in Toontown at their respective dates:

  • May 2019: "The Toon Resistance Needs YOU to Crash Cashbot HQ!"
  • June 1, 2019, any non-event day: "Watch Out! (Made You Look!)"
  • June 2-9, 2019: "Happy Birth Week Toontown! Est. 2003"
  • August 1-4, 2019: "Seen the Toontown blog recently?"
  • September 19-October 20, 2019: "Try out ToonFest Pink!"


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