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A mini-clue quest led up to the discovery of the second storyline clue, which involved Joey changing his user title on MMO Central Forums every so often. One of the first titles were "Gyro?", which was a reference to Scrooge McDuck's first word upon entering Gyro Gearloose's lab from the old Toontown Online installer video. After a slow string of clue leakage, they were put together to form an image hosting site URL, with the URL displaying an image that is a bit similar to the cartoon style launcher image seen before.[1] Joey replied to the completed quest post by giving the finder an alpha key, as well as mentioning the fact that "There is more to the picture than you think."[2]


There is more to solve

After saying that there was more to the picture, many people started looking at and theorizing about certain objects within the image. One member re-posted the image with higher brightness, and then it could be seen that there was the Silly Meter, a Presentation gag, and what appears to be Sellbot Headquarters in the background. Joey posted again saying, "There is more to the picture indeed, however you surely won't find out all of it's mysteries until the future. Sometimes there is more than what you can visualize."[3]

Piecing everything together

Forum members then started to suggest that the orange monkey was Doctor Surlee. This was followed by more regular changes of Joey's user title, providing more clues to what the meaning of the image was. According to Joey, the answer was clear and he stated in several posts that it is necessary to look at the clues already obtained and put them together.[4][5] At this point discussion shifted to the thread titled "Toontown Rewritten | October Discussion Thread #2". Joey soon acknowledged some ideas by saying: "People aren't allowed to change their shirts? I totally just didn't use the wrong texture. The monkey and the 3D image and the monkey in the 2D image are surely the same toons."[6]

Getting stumped

Members of the Toontown community were stumped as to how the pictures tied into the storyline, and what "little detail" in the image Joey was mentioning above. Joey changed his user title to ".$ U $/" and posted[7]: "None of the riddles are meaningless". People quickly realised that .$ U $/ was supposed to be Scrooge McDuck's face[8] when he realized all the money he could make from the big robot in the original Toontown download video. In another push, Joey posted[9]: "You have the basics, now go deeper."

Players started to establish that time travel was likely involved in the storyline, possibly so Doctor Surlee could go back in time to stop Scrooge McDuck from creating the Cogs, or even create them himself. After a few more thread pages of Toons grabbing at straws and asking for more clues, Joey posted once again saying: "I have no more hints to give for now. You have everything that you need to solve it. The mysteries won't be unveiled until the future."[10]

Finally it becomes clearer

After many failed guesses, one member from MMO Central Forums asked if someone had solved correctly regarding the "elusive detail", to which Joey responded[11]: "You're looking at the wrong picture". This was a massive hint that referred to the "elusive detail" being in the launcher image, not the discovered Toontown image. Almost immediately after Joey's post, a forum member posted saying, ":O I SEE IT! In the back of the launcher picture is the assembly line in Gyro's lab!".[12]

"That's all for now, folks!"

Although Joey did not reply to the post to confirm it, almost all of the thread agreed that it had to be the subtle detail Joey had mentioned. Joey answered a post by a forum member that questioned if they had all the clues to solve that part of the storyline by saying, "You do. The answer just won't be unveiled until the future as more clues come out."[13] He also replied to someone asking if they should continue guessing and theorizing, in which he said, "Continue. Some have gotten close, however none have been spot on."[14]


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