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It was confirmed in a forum post by [[Toontown Rewritten Team#Technical|Joey]] (aka Sir Max)<ref></ref>, before the announcement of the [[Testing Keys#Alpha Keys|Knock-Knock Joke Contest]], that a new storyline would be included for TTR. The relevant section reads: ''"Yes, TTR has a full storyline to explain everything- even why people have to start over at 15 [[laff]] points. You'll see parts of it as development continues, but it is a pretty deep story that won't be fully revealed for a while. While the game is still going to be targeted at children, I want to add deeper aspects than [[Cogs]] are bad.'"''
In another forum post by Joey<ref></ref> it was noted by him: ''"Heh, the best part is that I've already dropped hints to the story in various places. Just waiting for someone to spark the fire. The hints will become more obvious over time."''
==The Storyline==
===='''And So it Begins'''====
The first major clue released by [[Toontown Rewritten Team#Technical|Joey]] was an image (shown right)<ref></ref>, on the 13th of October 2013 on [ an MMO Central Forum thread]. This was midway through the announcement of the Knock-Knock Joke Contest and the start of [[Alpha]]. It was discovered by a forum member, by searching the internet for images, that this was part of the TTR launcher window image. Unfortunately some members saw the whole launcher image, spoiling the puzzle quest for them - nonetheless the puzzle piece quest continued with Joey releasing another image later that day<ref></ref>.
[[Toontown Rewritten Team#Technical|Joey]] then addressed the people who had seen the whole image, saying<ref></ref>: ''"Even if you've seen the whole image, that doesn't mean that you know what the image is. There are a lot of elements within it."''
The next post made by Joey included an image that wasn't part of the puzzle, but instead showed part of the word "Register" on Toontown Rewritten's new website that wasn't released at that time<ref></ref>. Later on, he replied to someone asking when the next update saying <ref></ref>''"I would if I had any"''.
===='''Completing the Puzzle'''====
<gallery type="slideshow" widths="200">
EXB7ski.png|Picture Puzzle Clue 1
nQQ0DyG.png|Picture Puzzle Clue 2
z3Feku0.png|Picture Puzzle Clue 3
U6q6NoF.png|Picture Puzzle Clue 4
Cj5d1fO.png|The completed puzzle.
ttr_launch_window_by_piranha2021-d6pnj1v_zps46253e1b.png|The TTR launcher at the time.
A third image was then released<ref></ref>. People began trying to put the pieces together at this point, with [[Toontown Rewritten Team#Technical|Joey]] replying to one failed attempt,<ref></ref>: ''"Very close! The top one isn't the same picture, however. Have another. Take it back to the start."'', in the same post Joey released the fourth and final image. Shortly after, the forum member who failed before had another attempt, and this time got it right, solving the puzzle<ref></ref>.
===='''What Does it Mean?'''====
A lot of discussion took place after the completion of the puzzle, but no ideas could be proven wrong or right as it was so early into the development of TTR. Some thought that the [[monkey]] could be a [[:Category:Loony Labs scientists|Loony Labs scientist]], others thought the large monitor and wires and gears on the floor could resemble the making of the [[Cogs]].
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