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Squirt is a gag track that has a high accuracy. It is one of the two starting gags a Toon obtains upon entering the Toontorial, alongside Throw. Squirt gags are the sixth set of gags used during a Cog battle.


Squirting Flower Icon.png
Glass of Water Icon.png
Squirt Gun Icon.png
Seltzer Bottle Icon.png
Fire Hose Icon.png
Storm Cloud Icon.png
Geyser Icon.png
Gag Squirting Flower Glass of Water Squirt Gun Seltzer Bottle Fire Hose Storm Cloud Geyser
Damage 3-4 6-8 10-12 18-21 27-30 36-80 105
Organic damage 4-5 7-9 11-13 19-23 29-33 39-88 115
Affects One Cog One Cog One Cog One Cog One Cog One Cog All Cogs
Required skill points 0 10 50 400 2,000 6,000 10,000
propAcc 95 95 95 95 95 95 95


  • Squirt is the second track to have low damage. The first track is Sound.
  • An organic Storm Cloud can take out a lured level 10 Cog, making it useful. An organic Geyser can take out a level 9 Cog on its own.
  • In the gag menu, the accuracy for Squirt is labeled as high.