Spooky Bean Bag

Spellbound bags are special bags scattered across Toontown by Jack O' Kazam during Halloween. There is only one bag per district located at a certain spot from any playground, but a new one spawns each time one bag is collected. They can also be found in the playground's main buildings such as the Toon Headquarters. When a Toon collects one, they receive a "Spooky Surprise" unite that either offers 1,000 jellybeans or a curse, which may be a random cheesy effect or a random species sound effect. A unite can be only used once, and must be used before searching for another bag.


  • Spellbound bags were taken directly from the idea of bean bags that was made for the annual ToonFest event.
  • Using a "Spooky Surprise" unite that grants a different cheesy effect while in possession of a Pumpkin Head does not remove it.
  • If a Toon had a cheesy effect before they were affected by a "Spooky Surprise" unite, their original cheesy effect will return as soon as the curse fades away.
  • Logging out of the game removes the curse from the Toon.
  • The best strategy to find a spellbound bag is to gather a group of friends and "harvest" them in one district.


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