SpeedChat+ is a way of communicating with other players in Toontown Rewritten using typed phrases and messages. However, it is limited to a dictionary to reduce profanity and the risk of offering personal information to other players, both of which are violations of Toontown Rewritten's Terms of Service.

If a Toon lacks any "True Friends", words that are not allowed will appear in red. If a Toon does, words that are not allowed will appear in italics and are visible. When a Toon says one or more words that are not allowed, those words are replaced with appropriate animal noises (woof, meow, squeak, quack, eek, neigh, etc.). If a player says a blacklisted word, a single animal noise will appear, no matter how many words are said.

To make a thought bubble, type a dot in the beginning of your message. Thought bubbles stay above your Toon's head for longer than spoken messages, but unlike speaking, thought bubbles do not make sounds and stay above your Toon's head until they fall asleep or speak. Toons who join a room or a street region after the bubble had been said will not be able to see it.

Character range

All characters in the filter are non-control characters in ASCII. Characters not in that range (e.g. Arabic script) cannot be used, and when attempting to write them in SpeedChat using ctrl + V, the will be automatically converted to question marks. Since 2015, if the player types them using their keyboard and attempts to send them, a purple notification message would read "Toontown Rewritten does not currently support non-ascii characters." Before this feature, sending non-ASCII characters crashed the game.


  • Although SpeedChat+ is automatically disabled for new accounts, it can be enabled through the account preferences from the Toontown Rewritten website.
  • In Toontown Online, numbers (both numerical and written) could not be used. However, in Toontown Rewritten, numbers ranging from 1 to 137 (laff levels, excluding 69), promotions' values, as well as other miscellaneous numbers (e.g. 9001) can be said.
  • Many words that were appropriate for use that were not allowed in Toontown Online's dictionary are allowed in Toontown Rewritten's dictionary. This include but is not limited to abbreviations (e.g. m8), slang (e.g. meme), brand names (e.g. m&m), websites (e.g., pop culture (e.g. wumbo), staff (e.g. jjkoletar) and misc. (e.g. thisisasecretmessage, thiswaswrittenbysirmax).
  • Any speech bubble can be instantly removed, rather than waiting for it to expire, by sending a message containing only a period (.). It was required to also type a space and then a backspace in order to do that in late 2014.

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